Serena G.
Walla Walla, WA
Joined August 2018
Private Campsites. Beautiful Views.

This may have been due to us camping in mid September but mosquitos were not an issue at all on our visit.

We had a small quiet campsite that despite not being far from the next site over was very private.

It was a very short walk from our campsite to a bathroom. But as I said earlier, due to the privacy from the trees you could easily pee in the forest without raising eyebrows.

In the morning it was a very short walk down to the lake. The lake is beautiful and clear. Perfect for fishing, kayaking, and even swimming if you felt so inclined.

I would definitely go back and recommend it to a friend.

Clean and quiet atmosphere

You will need a Discover Pass to camp here but other than that there are no extra camping fees.

Each campsite has it's own fire pit and a picknic table. While some sites are more private than others they are all within walking distance to a drop toilet.

The only downside here would have to be the number of wasps throughout the grounds. Wasp traps would be a nice investment but when you're outside you have to be prepared. For things like that.

There's a small creek that runs through the campgrounds. Not great for swimming (very shallow) but luckily there are many swimming spots locally that you can visit instead.

All in all I had a really great time while we were staying on the grounds. The gates close at 10pm so you don't have to worry about people driving in at all hours of the night.

Free For A Reason

1. If you're going to follow Google Maps instructions fully you're going to need an ATV. If not you will definitely get stuck in one of many holes and/or moon dust.

If you still decide to go then stop off at campground B or D. You won't get stuck and D has a drop toilet.

2. The lake is very overgrown, so swimming isn't really an option.

3. BRING BUG SPRAY!!! After setting up our tent and bunking down for the night we found probably 100 mosquitoes INSIDE of the tent. We were able to kill them all but spent the rest of the night listening to thousands of mosquitoes fly at all sides of the tent, hoping for a way in. The next morning we also had an angry bumblebee attacking the tent and dozens of large ants crawling over the outside of our tent.

The toilet was also filled with mosquitos. No bueno.