Selah S.
Greenfield, WI
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Well Visited for Good Reason, a Must See in Wisconsin!

I've been camping at Devil's Lake Campground for 23 years now. I've camped primarily in Quartzite, but also in the Northern Lights section. I've been there to camp in spring, summer, and fall. Besides my camping trips I take numerous day trips to DL because even after all this time I can't get enough of it. So what should you know?

The Bad: It is CROWDED!!! Especially in the summer, especially on the weekend, if you're looking for a wilderness getaway this is probably not it.

The new warden situation is interesting. Things have gotten a lot more strict in some areas (ex. You can only have 2 vehicles on a site at any given time), and are a lot more lax in others mostly because instead of a team of rangers there's now only a few wardens. We had an incident the last time we camped and rhe wardens did take care of the situation quite well, but it would have been nice had it been avoided/prevented beforehand.

The fire pits are often in very bizarre places, and usually not moveable.

The good:

Despite the crowds this place is drop dead gorgeous. Large fish, great blue herons, turkey vultures, loons, and bald eagles are just a few of the things I enjoy spotting at DL. There's so many trails to hike. The beaches are great, though the south shore has always been rocky it is much improved. Personally I prefer for it to stay as natural as possible anyways. There's great chalets on the north and south shores that sell souveniers, food, including cedar crest ice cream, and more! Paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats are available for rental too. There's also dog friendly swim areas on both shores which I am so thankful for. Dogs are also allowed and just about all the trails! Modern recently redone bathrooms with flush toilets and showers are available in the Quartzite section. In Northern Lights sites are much more wooded, and there are still flush toilets and showers, but they are a bit older. Both areas are beautiful and have their perks. Honestly they feel like 2 totally different places which is very neat. Ice Age is similar to Northern Lights I believe, and there's also group sites on the South Side of the lake. I'd have to say DL is the closest to mountains you can find in Wisconsin. The sites are well maintained. I love this place. It really is my home away from home. I wish it hadn't gotten so crowded, but it does go to show how amazing it is!

Rustic Quiet and Secluded, Everything a Camper Dreams For

I've camped at Franklin Lake many times now. It is a gorgeous campground that is literally in the middle of nowhere, and I love it. Loons are always on the lake. The water is crystal clear. The beach is great, but if you have a site on the lake you can walk in and swim right there! Amount other wildlife bear are in the area, which is a testament to how off the beaten path this campground is. Despite this there actually is a building with flush toliets! There are plenty of places to hike in the area, and we've even done a little fishing in the area. We saw decent sized fish in Franklin lake, but didn't end up being able to catch any. (We just fish for fun so nothing serious here, I'm sure the fishing is great for those that are in to it!) I am eager to make plans to get back to Franklin Lake. It is just such a beautiful spot. The stars at night are some of the best I've seen with so little light pollution up there. The camoground has always been quiet and there's a good distance between sites. I'm eager to camp here again!

Wooded Sites Along the Lake

Musky Lake Campground is a nice campground. We camped mid-late June and had a nice little trip. Here's the good and the bad.

The good:

A surplus of dragonflies means that mosquitos were NOT a problem. As someone who gets eaten alive this is important.

Deer are rampant in the area. The loons on the lake are the epitome of the north woods! I camp to enjoy wildlife, so this is a plus.

Nice hiking trails nearby. Numerous bike paths as well.

Large bathroom facility with flush toilets and showers.

The bad:

Sites are close together. I prefer a bit more privacy than they allow.

Lake access from the site is…existent at best. I was able to launch my inflatable kayak very carefully between the sticks and weeds, though I'm not sure anything bigger or heavier would be worth launching from the site.

No beach swimming areas for dogs. There's a dog friendly picnic area, but it is certainly no place to let your dog swim.This was disappointing. Many of the trails are also off limits for dogs which is beyond me, though this is unrelated to the actual campground I'm sure.

All in all Musky Lake is worth checking out. There is a nice human friendly beach at nearby (you can walk there) Crystal Lake. The location is good, not too far from civilization for those who like a grocery store nearby.The sites were level and had plenty of room for our 2 tents. This area has to be on your list if you are a bike rider! I felt out of place because everyone up there had their bikes, and I could see why.