Sean B.

Jacksonville , FL

Joined May 2019

Swimming is great!

Flamingo lake is a blast, most notably for the inflatable slides. The kids go absolutely crazy and can’t get enough of the water park area. You can stay the night on your RV or cabin, but be sure to book it far in advance. You can also visit for the day. The beach area is great for picnics and swimming. The have a restaurant on the other side of the lake. Bathrooms are located near the beach.

New trail

We hiked the beach pioneer trail and really enjoyed ourselves. The campsite is about a mile in and has a picnic table and fire ring. There is a stream nearby for water. The trail is well marked and we only saw a few other while hiking. There are new stream crossings placed in good location and they keep your feet dry.

Very pretty

This place is very interesting and fun. We purchased masks and fins from their store, price was marked up to bad. You enter the caved area and wind down the stairs to the water. The light comes through a hole in the ceiling. The fish were swimming all around us. The water was a little chilly but I didn’t need a wetsuit. You can also scuba dive.

Great spot!

I love this park and continue to go back. The Florida Trail is my favorite part of my visits. The cabin we stayed in was small but nice. The ravines are gorgeous. You can access it with a vehicle, but you must walk down many stairs. You can only access the area through the trail. I have seen all kinds of little creatures.

Underground river

The campsite was nice and private. The bathrooms were clean. The park had nice hiking trails, but I enjoyed the kayaking most of all. There is a swimming section. The river goes underground but you can’t kayak in this area. The river has a small rapids area, for Florida. Got to see a snake sunbathing next to two turtles with kayaking. Fun park!

Blue waters

The kayak run was amazing. We used a double seater kayak and it was an adventure. We managed not to fall in the water but it was a team effort. The run even had a small rapids area, very small, but fun for Florida.

We tried to walk-in to camp like the website advised; however, we were informed the website was incorrect and we needed reservations.


The treehouses are very cool and sleep four people. The camp is an old Girl Scout camp but was then purchased by Clay County. The park has a swimming pool and other places to camp besides the treehouses. There is a fun trail to hike with a wooden bridge over the swamp. The camp has access to black creek and is fun for kayaking.

Beautiful springs

This place has gorgeous springs. You can only swim if the manatees are gone. People were also scuba diving underneath us while we swam. The water is always 72 degrees year round. We also rented a canoe and paddled out to the river but the current was pretty strong. We paddled back and approached the swimming area and saw a little gator, almost ran it over.

They have a nice store next to the springs and they sell food too.

The site hosts were very helpful and very nice.

The deer will walk right up to you because they have no fear of people.

The fish are awesome

We have camped here two times and I’ve enjoyed it both times. The camp sites have no privacy though. The springs are amazing and are highly recommended. The fish swim all around and aren’t scared of swimmers. The springs have several deep caverns. We saw a blue crab crawling up from one of them.

The bathrooms were a mess on our second visit, but still was due to one of the large groups.

My favorite place!

People ask me my favorite place camping and this place is my answer. We got to see so many different animals. The park is a bit different than others, you drive outside the park to different locations within the park.

Our first night camping was difficult to sleep because of our college camping neighbors. They had a great time, but it was an isolated incident. Besides that, we got to see so many animals. The park is still damaged from hurricane Irma.

I highly recommend this state park!

Small but fun

The park is smaller than I expected, but I enjoyed it. We kayaked, hiked, and biked. The campsite was private, but some sites are smaller than others. The bathroom was a bit of a walk, but had a washer and dyer. The bathroom was clean and well kept with a sink for dishes.

The park store is privately owned and very cool. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed. They have all your camping needs and even have a delicious Tomoka IPA beer. The only downside was they close at 6pm.

The large statue is very interestingness the history is fun to learn.

If you don’t want to hike, you can drive everywhere on the park.

Jungle in the woods

I love this state park and frequent it often. The Florida State Trail passes through the park and is well marked. The ravines section is my favorite area in the park. In the greener months, it feels like a rain forest.

The camp areas are well spaced and located within a fast walking distance from the restrooms. These are some of the cleanest restrooms I’ve seen in my camping experience.

Canoe rentals are available and there is a nice beach for the children to play.

I have never had a bad experience at this park and will continue to camp here.

Fun location

We camped here before things warmed up, but we enjoyed it. The children loved the close proximity of the lake. We were approximately 10 feet away from the water. The area had two sets of swings nearby and a dock. The bathrooms were clean and in good order.

We were required to set up our tent before registering. At the registration building, you can rent kayaks and paddle-boards.

Even with base access, you can only camp with a military member as a guest or be in the military.

I would camp here again.