Scott K.
Henderson, NV
Joined July 2018
Amazing ending or start to a summit/descent of Mt. Mitchell

Outstanding place for all of the following 1. Car Camping, 2. Jumping off point for the Mt. Mitchell trail, 3. Trail terminus location for a descent from Mt. Mitchell's summit. I agree with everything that everyone else has said about this magical place. Some tips…there ARE killer showers here (individual rooms that are kept spotlessly clean by the Camp Hosts). Treat the Camp Hosts with the high level of respect they deserve - they work miracles in this place keeping it friendly, inviting and most of all - CLEAN! Flush toilets. A river right beside it. Tall majestic trees. All of the following are available during normal daylight business hours at the camp office - kindling (2.50), bundled firewood (5.00), fire starters (1.00), Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Mt Dew (12oz cans - 1.00), various ice cream treats including Klondike bars (1.00). There are no bad campsites, but if you wish to 'feel' the camp, get one on the river. Oh, hoping to catch up with he kids or listen in on that conference call while you are at BMC? Forget about it! There is no cell service on T-Mobile or Verizon inside the camp (small victory for nature). BUT, let's say you have a Verizon phone, and you really really need to talk to someone - well, here's the hint of the day. Walk down the main access road toward the junction with your phone on. Pass up all three of the private residences on the right, and you'll finally come to a stand of three trees growing together ta-dah…I don't know how, but you get two bars of Verizon in this exact spot. Like everywhere in Pisgah, when it rains, it pours, so bring a tarp if you can. Great swimming holes in the river too and if you fish, bring your fly rod - dozens of deep pools to cast into up and down the river.