Savannah C.

Savannah, GA

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This is actually down the street from my house. I love coming here. It's reasonably priced to camp/visit, so many wonderful places to hike around and some awesome fishing spots. Lots of coverage from trees…since is hot for most of the year here that is a plus! I highly recommend a visit here. You have grocery, restaurants, liquor, bait, etc. right down the street as well.

Coopers Creek

Love this place. So many amazing trails to hike. Great for fishing! There are limited stores around so make sure you come prepared before you settle in.


Great park overall. Nice camping locations, near restaurants/shopping/fishing/etc., has a trolley to transport you around if needed, cool hiking and some nice fishing spots.

Three Rivers

Great smaller campground. Most of the campsites are shaded for those hot months. Several nature trails and easy fishing access. There are a few campsites that sit right on Lake Seminole. Easy access to the water either off the bank, on the pier or rent a canoe/bring a boat and drop in. It's a quick drive to a grocery store/bait store/liquor store,etc..

Just far enough away

This place was beautiful. It was winter when I went so the snow was a little tough to get threw, but totally worth it! Great camping, breathtaking scapes and not that far away from the city. Lots of trails to venture on.

Perfect getaway

I adore this camping area. You get the river on one side and the ocean on the other! The campsites are spacious with good coverage, the bathrooms/wash (showers and washer/dryer) are close and there are community fire pits which are great for meeting your neighbors and being social. The fishing is great in the river and in the ocean. you are not far from town either if you need anything or just want to go grab a bite/drink. The beach scene is awesome also:) I highly recommend this place!!


This is a beautiful campground with plenty of camping areas. There are different levels to the camping areas which almost makes it seem like a few separate campgrounds. Each spot has plenty of room for each individual/group and the creek runs right through the middle of it (absolutely breathtaking!). Facilities are very clean and easily accessible. You could stay stay here for a while and still discover new trails and fishing spots.

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Cooper Creek

I just love this area. The camping spots are spacious and everyone has easy access to the creeks. Lots of trails/hiking to do not only in the campground area but all around (such as Toccoa River, Appalachian Trail and several waterfalls) The waters have both wild and stocked trout so fishing here is always fun. I highly recommend this campground.

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Desoto Falls

This campground is beautiful and well maintained and has a lovely host couple. It is right next to the a pretty busy road (129) so you hear the traffic. This was a big turn off for me. I also read before visiting that you could fish…however I was surprised to even see that the water was flowing in some parts considering how small the creek was and all the debris from the woods that was laying in it. There are two waterfalls you can walk to and they are nice, but they aren't that far from the camping area and that is about it as far as trails go. I wouldn't recommend an overnight visit (unless you are just trying to stay around your campsite most of the time), but it's nice for a short day visit. They also have some active black bears which we saw within the first few hours of being there…not a huge deal considering we are in their area…just don't leave Any food out.

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The camp spots are spacious and covered with tree canopies. You a stream right by you no matter where you camp. The facilities and water are easily accessible. You don't feel like you are on top of your fellow campers even though there are a lot of campsites in a somewhat small area. You have the Taccoa Falls and the swinging bridge right down the road, as well as many other places to explore (like the Appalachian Trail). There are some great fishing spots…most of the waters are wild and stocked. I absolutely love this area and highly reccomend it! If Mulky isn't for you…you have several other campgrounds right around you to choose from. Although Mulky is perfect for all you fly fishermen/women!

Silver Lake

This is a beautiful smaller park. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain-scapes. Facilities are nice and the lake is lovely with some great fishing. You can swim, walk around it or rent a vessel to cruise around in. A good place for a family getaway.

A must!

I absolutely love this place! Right around the corner from Ginnie Springs. There are plenty of camping spots that are in open areas or hidden in the woods. The springs are amazing. The main spring is breathtaking with a beachy area, a dock to jump off of and connects to another spring called naked spring…this one is my favorite. Not nearly as crowded as the big blue spring. You have everything you need at this park! I highly reccomend a visit.

Havasupi Haven

This place is absolute perfection! Perfect canyon-scapes mixed with breathetaking waterfalls flowing into crystal clear cool water. When in the camping area there is plenty of shade from trees as well as tons of trails. The Colorado River is a nice day trip from the Havasu Falls and you get to go my Mooney Falls along the way. This is a perfect place to visit for any camper/hiker!

A nice getaway

This place is a nice little getaway. You can chill on the beach or go right around the corner and be in the woods. There is also good fishing in a small cut that fills up during high tide.

The Uncommon Florida

This state park is pristine! I love that the Audubon society works so closely with this park to preserve its fine feathered inhabitants. I highly recommend a visit! Plus there is the most perfect spot for a magical sunset💜