Sarah O.
Flushing, MI
Joined June 2018
Typical campground

Has everything, store, ice cream shop, beach with small lake (with activities). Everyone is pretty packed in but nice shaded mature lots. I wouldn’t say rustic but the sites can be a bit hard to get into. They don’t level out very well.

A lot of amenities, but very tight fit.

This campground goes above and beyond in amenities. This is a resort not a campground. They have everything a normal campground has plus more. They offer a lot of activities and fun things for the kids to do.

but, it is very new fashioned. Everyone is packed in, hardly any trees. Everyone is rv, you must have a membership to use and it is very pricey in my opinion. To me it doesn’t feel like camping. It’s just a place to be on vacation. I personally like to be somewhere you can hike and enjoy the woods and scenery around you.

Nice lots and a shuttle to town!

This is not a rustic campground by any means. They have a pool and store. They have a shuttle to take you into town for the ferry to Mackinac Island. They are right in Lake Huron so you can swim in Lake Huron too! They are a nice clean campground with all the normal hook ups. They are usually pretty busy, and close together, but they do offer some campsites that are in the more wooded section of the park that is away from the other campers.