Sara K.

Westerville , OH

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Amputee, librarian, climber, hiker, lover of hot sauce.


My boyfriend and I stayed at the Rhodeodendron Campground during a climbing trip. It is the more primitive campground, but we very much enjoyed it. The sites are spread out and not on top of each other, giving you privacy. It was nice and quiet, which I very much value. The only complaint was that the bathrooms were a bit of a hike, but they were flush toilets so it's not really much of a complaint. Great experience there. Were also allowed to head over to the McCollum Campground to use the wifi, showers, and facilities there.

Loud, party-like atmosphere; rules not enforced

My boyfriend and I camped here last weekend; unfortunately it did not go well. While I very much enjoyed the facilities, we had an awful experience. Friday night was peaceful, although we had trouble locating the owners and figured we'd find them and pay up the next day. When we got back from a full day of climbing Saturday, a group of at least a dozen had set up camp across the road from us. They were drinking heavily all night (I understand that drinking IS allowed here being a private campground) however posted quiet hours begin at 10 pm. I got about 2 hours of sleep Saturday night total, and the last time I was woken up my watch said 3:48 am. Clearly there is absolutely no enforcement of the quiet hours whatsoever. In addition, the group had lights on all night as well, shining directly over into our campsite and tent. Sunday morning, we still had no luck locating the owners. We ended up putting our cash in an envelop in the mailbox. I emailed them letting them know we had put the money in the mailbox, and also asked about the quiet hour enforcement. I requested a response and heard nothing. I'm disappointed, and as a manager myself would want to know if a customer had a bad experience. I would have to recommend that if you are looking for a peaceful, quiet place to camp and sleep under the stars that you look elsewhere. I'm sad to say this, because I had greatly looked forward to staying here after hearing my boyfriend describe his previous experience and reading other reviews. There is a sign posted when entering "drive like your kids live here" but the campground I experienced was not family-friendly at all.