Sara B.
Lincoln, NE
Joined June 2018
Lakeside, open, plenty of sites

Horse/hiking trail through the woods between rec area and camping area that is ~1 mile. Playground. animals allowed. Lake is beautiful and fun to swim/fish in.

One downside: this lake is always one of the first to get hit with the Blue-green algae warning when it gets hot in the summer, making it so that play-time in the lake is pretty limited. :(

Beautiful, Good Hiking

Good hiking, horse rides, great hills for trail running.

Simple, Beautiful, Friendly

Campground host was so friendly. I forgot my lighter and he rolled right over with a smoldering log in his dutch oven, so we were able to have a camp fire.

Nice little put in for boats. We camped right be the river and woke up to a beautiful sunrise. No more than a 1/2 mile outside the city, but still feels isolated. Great Lewis and Clark interactive museum and hiking about a 5 min drive away.