Sandy S.
Toms River, NJ
Joined January 2020
Secluded but safe

One of the best experiences I’ve had camping solo. The camp site was on a small gravel road, tucked up in the forest, only 1 or 2 other campers, but the grounds man who delivered my firewood checked on my 1-2 times a day. Also warned me when a storm was imminent. Seneca Rock and many hiking trails close by. Incredible drive through steep, winding mountain roads!

Nice, clean, friendly campground

A little too wide open for my taste and a bright light on a pole blared in my face all night, maybe the light should go off or dim at a certain time. Overall, a nice spot to sleep for the night before getting into Nashville

Simple and secluded

Friendly people, waterfront site on river, 2 hour tubing float down river ending up at my campsite!