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Honolulu, HI
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I was born and raised in Honolulu. I currently travel in a 5th wheel RV and stay in (either) New Mexico or Hawaii, when taking a break from the road.
Nice place to stay if you have a watercraft or want to fish

There's not much to do here if you can't go play in the lake. There isn't any hiking trails, and if you walk the overgrown path around the lake, you'll get wood ticks all over you.

The campsites are plain, but they have all the hookups. There are bathrooms, and a huge camp store that has all the things you may need for food and fishing.

There's lots of activity happening with fisherman. I didn't get T-mobile cell signal here.

Small campground in a quiet area

This campground was small, but cozy. They have an unheated pool (which looked a little dirty) no hot tub, and about 3 recreational rooms. One had a pool table with a comfy looking couch, and the other had tables for card playing.

There was a dog park outside, but not much more. There was a picnic table and a grill in just about every spot.

Water pressure was fantastic, and I got t-mobile cell service here.

Campground is right next to Avi Casino

This KOA is right next to the AVI Casino. Looks like a great place to stay if you don't want to pay casino room prices, but have all the convinces of staying at AVI. Journey is literally right across the street, and you can walk over for many things to do at the AVI resort.

Right next to the Laughlin casino, and everything on the strip!

Nice place to RV if you don't want to stay in the casino. It's right across the street of all the nearby casinos, mall and eateries of all sorts including in and out burger. Basically you can stay in your own home while enjoying all of the luxurious of staying at many casinos and indulging in their buffets.

Cell signal for t-mobile is awesome here!

Best qualified 55+ resort

This golf resort had everything you could ever want in retirement. They have trailers for rental and sale, and full RV hook up spots.

They have every game you could think of, every event you could think of… They have a fitness center, and a bistro on site. They are sitting on a beautiful golf course that's reasonably priced to golf at (about $1 a hole). They have many pools, and hottubs, food trucks, concerts, seminar and craft halls, a library, and a baseball field to just name a few things.

This place isn't just a resort, it's a city standing on its own. You could definitely live here in your own world and never feel like you are missing anything from the outside.

First come, first serve

This is an interesting campground. It's the first time I've come across one that doesn't have assigned stalls.

When you enter the park, they give you a map and you drive around and choose the site you like and park.

The park itself has many amenities like an adult pool with spa, family pool and spa, fitness center, playgrounds for the kids, a pickleball court, a baseball field, a dog run, a big general store that has everything you may need including foods or RV accessories and wood.

There are a couple pounds and ducks and geese are walking all over the grounds. There are lots of places to eat in the city including Walmart and Target nearby.

The water pressure is nice and high here, plus I get signal from T-mobile.

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Fun themed park!!

What a fun place for you and your kids! Lots of River activities and ATV trails. If you don't have the toys, they have all types of rentals available for purchase (1/2 day and full day increments).

The cottages were beautiful, the on site restaurant was huge and inviting! There are tent sites, RV sites, and boat docks.

I have T-Mobile, and didn't receive any signal while I was there.

More permanent trailers than RV-ers

This is a smallish lot with more permanent housing than your average RV resort. It is on the Colorado River, and does have a case on site that has great bar foods and drinks available as you watch the traffic moving along on the river.


Not sure what happened here, but it's a ghost town. Looks like the owners just packed up and left with the lights still on. The sign out front says it's for sale, so maybe one day this campground will make a return.

Small, but cozy and right on the Colorado River

This is a small campground located right next to the Colorado River. This site has a motel, RV and what looks like tent sites. Looks clean and has views of the docks right on the water

Not much going on here...

This area has an unheated pool and a rec area that has a pool table, card table and a couch facing a big TV that's equipped with a VCR and a big library of tapes to go with it. They also have a laundry mat here, a pretty well stocked store and a couple of horseshoe pits. The site itself isn't that great, there's no concrete slabs, it's just a big gravel parking lot with a few separation bushes and plants. But it is a decent location because its walking distance from the Colorado River, (and beside it) is the River Front Cafe. The cafe has more of a bar feel, but it has some nice views as you are eating some pretty good food.

T-mobile has great cell service here, and the water pressure is fantastic. Just don't buy gas here in Needles. It's twice the price of any current gas station. Go to one of the other towns that lay right on the outskirts of Needles town.

Feels very private!

This site is a walk away from Needles KOA, so if you need anything small, it's a very short walk to their store (where they carry some foods and drinks).

This campground is also a very close walk to the Colorado River, and the River Front Cafe which has some pretty great food if you don't feel like you want to cook.

This campground has huge bushes and trees in between each RV station and gives you the feeling like it's totally private. It also gives you some extra sun protection and shade, making your camper feel cooler.

It has a pool and laundry mat on site, but I didn't see much else.

Military grounds

Great cabins on ground, but you'll have to be military to rent. Civilians can tent camp on the opposite side. The sand here is so fine, it will make its way in to your rent, no matter how tight you close it up. Beware the manawar here when it's in season. They line up all along the beach..

Set far back from other beaches

Not a lot of people go to this beach because it's not so popular. It's tucked far back behind a coast guard base mixed with old commercial buildings and businesses. It's not the prettiest beach, but if you'd like to go somewhere relatively quiet and not much going on, this would be the beach for you..

Age qualified RV resort

This campground was not too far from main towns or stores (like Walmart) but the general area has very poor cellular reception (at least in regards to T-mobile). The resort offers WiFi, but it is only in the library area.

This resort had many people permanently living there, so there was a well established and very organized daily event ritual. There were always some kind of game or potluck happening.

The resort has a heated pool and a hot tub. There were many game rooms that contained dart boards, pool tables, and card tables. There was a shuffleboard area, a library and a laundry room. As most resorts go, it also had group shower rooms available.

The water pressure here was poor. Since I have an on demand water heater, I spent my time here on dry camp mode.

In the middle of nowhere

This is a campground built like a parking lot. All gravel. There are a couple places in area to eat, and a couple of very overly priced grocery stores. Please do all your shopping before you get there, otherwise go to the dollar store that's in the area for the best deals. The gas in this area is reasonably priced though. This campground is more for the ATV/dirt bike owners. Mostly everybody there hailed some kind of gas powered toy with them. This place appeared to have many trails going for miles in every direction. We walked a few miles on one of them, but it's relatively flat land, and not much to see but sand and cactus.

This campground had a very warm pool (90 degrees) and hot tub (104 degrees). It was pleasurable swimming at night, especially when the air is cold. It was like being at a hot spring! There were a few events hosted on the grounds, such as a potluck dinner on Mondays, and blueberry pancakes & orange juice on Tuesdays, hot dog & chips on Wednesdays. Saturdays was movie night with popcorn, and every night the guests would play games at 630 in both community areas. This is where we leaned to play "fast track". There was a small putting green, pool table, a ping pong table, a small library, a crafts area, a laundry room, a small store, shower areas, and a cardio exercise machine. Fire rings are available to rent from the camp store for $5 a day.

The cellular service for T-mobile was excellent there, but the water pressure was relatively jumpy from okay to low.. So if you have an on demand water heater like I do, you might want to switch to dry camp mode for stability.

Age qualified resort with lots of extras

My husband and I asked if we could stay there even though we aren't 55, and they allowed us to do so. We've found most age qualified resorts will let you stay if you don't have kids or pets.

This is a busy little 55+ RV community. There are many who live there full time, but many who come and go like we do. There's lots of activities like shuffleboard, pickleball, billiards, card tables, bocce ball, karaoke, bingo, concerts, seminars and exercise classes like Zumba or Tai chi. There are many clubs to join that do singles events, food events, arts & crafts events, prayer groups, music groups, volunteer work, bus trips, card tournaments, dancing, pool activities such as exercise classes and water volleyball. There are also lots of off-site events such as hiking, golfing, bowling and casino nights.

The resort itself has a sewing room, craft room, ballroom, fitness center (with an assortment of cardio and weightlifting machines), library, computer room, two laundry rooms, two pools (87 degrees) and one hot tub. There's a mail room, billiards room, card room and shower rooms. There's a dog run, golf green, horseshoe, darts, pickleball, shuffleboard, bocce ball courts/areas. One pool allows for only 18 and up, while the other pool allows 18 and under. There are grills and picnic ramadas scattered about for everyone's use.

Cell coverage for T-mobile is great here, there are lots of big name stores (like Walmart) all within walking distance from this resort. And in the case you have an on demand water heater like I do, the water pressure here is great!