Sam S.
Marianna , FL
Joined February 2019

It was a great hike to our campsite and the camp site was great had a great view and even though we didn’t get to hike through the canyon due to my girlfriend twisting her ankle after a slip in some mud we recommend this place for hiking and camping the staff was very helpful in getting us back to our vehicle after my girlfriend’s accident and made sure she was ok and gave her an ice pack to put on her ankle til we were able to get it checked out to make sure is was just twisted the map the gave us to get to our camp was was good and they told what to look for and the trial itself is awesome I will say it’s not an easy trial but more of a moderate trail definitely make sure have water with you as the park recommended not to try and filter water due to very fine sediment which was not a problem for us at there was a lite rain so we just collected rain water but I would definitely recommend this state park for a great hiking trail and camping trip