Sam D.

Austin, TX

Joined August 2016

Great site

The campsite is great, and very close to the beach. The amenities are pretty solid overall, which is nice too.

I love this area in general, and had come here plenty of times before actually camping at this site. The beach is fun, and there are plenty of places to explore all around the park.

Great place to camp on the beach!

Padre Island is an awesome place to camp on the beach. The sites here are primitive campsites, so you need to bring your own water and food. I prefer this style of camping, so it works for me!

I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone down in that area.

Nice place

This is a beautiful part of the country, and this campsite is a great way to explore it.

I especially love visiting in the fall when the leaves are changing colors! The facilities are nice, I would recommend it.

One of my favorites

This is one of the coolest parks I have been to! The views are incredible, and the waterfall is absolutely spectacular.

There are plenty of trails to explore and cool places to hang your hammock up in. It is a wonderful place to camp for a few days!

Great place

This a great place to catch a glimpse of tons of different animals. The wildlife in the park is definitely the best part. Make sure not to leave any food in your tent at night!

Also, the amenities are really good as well. Definitely a fun place to spend a weekend!

Nice spot

This is a nice spot to take advantage of what the lake has to offer. The swimming is nice, and there are some cliffs to jump off of if your into that!

It's definitely better when the lake is more full, so with all the past rain we have been having this season should be a nice time to go camp here.

Fun place

This is one of my favorite parts of Lake Travis. It is relatively untouched, and usually not too crowded. It offers primitive camping- so you have to bring your own water and things like that.

The swimming is great, there plenty of spots to fish, and it isn't very hard to get to at all. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the Austin area.

Very Wild

This is an awesome place for a serious hiker/camper. This is true camping, there aren't a ton of amenities so the more prepared you are the better.

The park is absolutely beautiful too. There are tons of gators, lizards, and other animals to find. But definitely be careful as well! This is a great place to go camping with a friend and get a real wilderness experience.

Nice Park

Little Bennett is a great little park in Montgomery County. It's easy to access, has nice facilities, and has some good trails to explore as well.

It's a great place for families to camp together- there are playgrounds and picnic areas that make it a little easier to keep everyone happy and entertained. It's not a place for hardcore wilderness campers, but it's a solid place to spend a night and roast some marshmallows!

Great Snorkling

This park is all about the water. Awesome kayaking, snorkling, and scuba diving. The water is beautiful, and the park itself is super relaxing!

Great Place

This place is such a cool park. The beach is great, although definitely be wary of the mosquitoes. Especially at night.

The wild horses are really what people come for, and they are definitely worth the visit!

Great Fishing

Though I live in Texas now, Maryland will always be home for me. Whenever I get the chance to head back, I almost make sure to check out some of the local fishing spots.

This is a great place to catch some good action fish. I've always had some success whenever I've been here. It's a fun place to spend a night or two and relax.

Real Nature Adventure

This place is incredible. It really is like you dropped down into some jungle, oceans away from a city. Now, while there are definitely huge pros to that (Amazing animal sightings, cool plants, peaceful camping) there are also a few downsides too. The mosquitoes will destroy you if you don't come prepared. I'd definitely recommend double and triple checking you supplies to make sure that you are adequately prepared to fend them off. If you are, you will have an amazing time!

Great Snorkling

I love Pennekamp park. The snorkling and scuba diving there is absolutely incredible!

Seeing the colorful reef surrounding the statue of Jesus was breathtaking. We saw all sorts of colorful fish and flora, even though it wasn't the best weather day. It was cloudy, but the reef more then made up for it.


I absolutely love Bahia Honda. The beaches are pristine, but the water is really what steals the show. It is clear as can be, and absolutely gorgeous.

It's a perfect park to bring smaller children as well. The waves aren't very high at all, which is nice for kids to wade into.

Overall, this is probably just about my favorite place in the entire world.

Good for kids

I wouldn't really recommend this place to a big time hiker/camper, but people with kids or who are just starting to get into camping, this is a great spot. The facilities are nice, and everything is pretty easy to access. It's a good spot to go with kids and give them their first taste of camping.

Great spot to cool off

This is one of my favorite place to go during the summer to camp out and jump in the river. The park is nice, and the river is great for the whole family. It's a nice spot to escape the heat.


This place is amazing. The lake is absolutely beautiful and perfect for all types of water sports. It's great for all ages as well, with things to do to keep everybody entertained.

The fishing was a lot of fun as well. We caught a solid amount of Bass, so all in all it was a success!

I would highly recommend it to anyone. Also, the town of Swanton isn't too far away- which is a fun small town to explore.

Lots of fun!

The best thing about this place is the swimming,. It's a great place to cool off during a hot Texas day, with some cool waterfalls to check out as well. I haven't explored them, but I have heard that the caves that are there are supposed to be a pretty sweet too.

Fun in the Desert

This is a great place to camp if you want to see how gorgeous the desert can be. There's not really much shade, so definitely be prepared for that. Also, as always, bringing enough water is a must! But the hiking is fun, and the flora and fauna out there is pretty great. Overall, it is definitely worth a day or two of your time!