Ryan M.
Denver, CO
Joined May 2018
People shine lights on your tent

Trashy campground seemed to be full of year round residents that did not put money into their trailers. We took a tent sight right on the water which was nice. Booked last minute so the office was good on a discount for the night.

bathrooms were beyond unsanitary. We were woken up to people shining flash lights in our tent as they sat right outside our tent.

No reservation first serve

Was on a ten day trip in Big Sur decided to take a break and spend a few days in Yosemite. Drove through the night and showed up at Camp 4 at 2am. We were the 20th person in line Waiting for a site to open the next day. Luckily we ended up with a site in the shared space pretty much have to hope there are enough people leaving or you’re out of luck. Ranger comes down in the morning and will let people in based on availability.

BLM First come first serve

great sites show up early as they fill quick. These are first come first serve blm land sites sponge the river. Great scenery and one of the best spots to stay if looking to be near the road.

Definitely for Rv’s not much of a quite place for tent camping and also no curtesy from other guests. People walked right ontop of our tent. Price was fair though and they do have a lot of accommodations like a pool and showers. Party friendly with pull open late and lights.

We were visiting the shanendoah mountains and decided to check out Virginia Beach for a day. Originally set up on beach but were kicked off and had to find a spot in a pinch. The campsite was large enough but other guests were not considerate of space.