Ryan L.

Olympia, WA

Joined August 2016

Desert air

If you like the desert and a little more solitude, come check out this site. The amenities are simple, be sure to bring plenty of water.

Simple stay

Don't expect much out of this site but if all you need is some flat ground near the highway, this will do you just fine.

Hidden treasure

Located in a side trib of the Methow Valley, this campsite is located amongst two creeks on either side. The facilities are simple but the campsite offers plenty of space with a nominal cost of $8/night.

Waterfront view

This site behaves like a dispersed campground, so you can get your space and access to the water with your boat. Plus during the summer you might catch a sockeye salmon. The facilities are very basic and it fills up fast in the summer.

Fall colors

Well, it's fall and the evergreen state has more than green on its color wheel! The campground can be quite busy in the summer but the fall has its quite moments. The campground has plenty of space and options, whether you want to be by the river or not.

A salty experience

If you want an easy trip to the coast with some key amenities nearby and plenty if beach access, the Grayland will treat you well, if it doesn't rain. There's plenty of access to the beach when it's open to razor clamming or you can even give it a go at fishing for surf perch. Plus there always surfing and find relic shells.

You gave grate full meal deal with camping facilities including a shower to rinse off the salt. The walk in campsites are a good treat if you want a little privacy or have a big group during the offseason.

Take a stroll in a remote rainforest

This is a special place. Camping has all the necessary amenities but be sure to have a full tank of gas and food/firewood when you pass through forks or Sekiu as there aren't any service stations out here in one if the more remote parts if Washington and even the US. There is a great beach walk loop you should try out.

Mountains and waterfalls

You get rewarded after the 20 mile hike into this valley with breathtaking views that reminded me of my times in Alaska. Don't plan on going on a 3 day weekends you'll find out the rest of Seattle had the same trip in mind. You have your pick of the meadow to set up camp.

Quant and quiet

This small campground gives you quick easy access to the river in the heart of chanterelle mushroom country. The sites are nothing amazing but give you exactly what you need after going for a hike.

Elk, river, puget sound

This is a very large developed campsite. Don't expect much privacy. However the surrounding area you can access is nice if you want to venture up the river or head to the bay to get clams.

Surf n camp

This is a fairly large site with some yurt and walk in campsite options, besides the normal type of spots. This campsite gives you open access to the beach. Though there are many better and more remote coastal campsites, don't pass this one up if your looking for simplicity.

Nice desert hiking nearby

Though you don't need to camp here to enjoy the desert joking across the river, it gives you quick access for any early morning stroll before it heats up. Additionally if you like Flyfishing, the bridge offers you good bank access to cover some water. The campsites are small and packed right, but if you don't mind neighbors, this is a decent site.

Desert winds, trout bites

This is the largest site in the lower Yakima Canyon and has mostly campsites for RVs, etc, but a couple of walk in tent sites. BLMused to let camping be free during the off season but now charges $15 per night, no matter the site type. And if your a tent camper like me, then you also get the short end of the stick because the walk in sites do not have any shade while most of the RV sites do. Additionally, 90+% are reservable from ~Memorial Day to Labor Day, so don't plan on trying to get lucky unless on a first come first serve sure unless you can get there before 5 pm on a Friday. There is no water here.

Big pines

Though it can be busy, there is plenty to do to get away from everyone. The big pines are amazing, especially if you get up late at night when the meteor showers happen. This site has full amenities.

What a place

You can hike, bike or boat on here. The views are amazing as your at the foot of an incredible drainage to hike. Your close to the wilderness so be prepared for the adventures that await. There is no water, so bring a filter.


This is a very simple campsite with access to the reservoir. There isn't much shade. If the lake holds water for a couple of years, the fishing can be great.

Interesting WWII and sleeping options

If you like bunkers, canons, and barracks, with a view, then come here. There is a lighthouse that still functions and plenty of beach access. You could even play tennis here if you wanted.

River front

It's a small site at s boaters montage essentially has only 5 or 6 sites with minimal privacy. There is private land on both sides so pay attention. There is no running water here.

Small tight spots

There are only a handful of sites here and they are packed in very tight with no privacy. Sometimes there aren't options so you have to take what you can get. There is a boat ramp here and s pack bridge to go for a hike up a desert canyon.

Fall chantrelles

I love coming up here in the fall to catch a few trout (it's catch and release) and look for chanterelles. It's a chilly damp area, hence all the mushrooms. It's a small campground along the forest service road.