Roxy V.
Fredericksburg, VA
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One of my Favs!

Nice small campground WAY back in woods. Been here many times over the last 25 years.


Awesome place to camp if you want to be surrounded by beach and wild ponies. I highly recommend safe food storage that is pony proof. They do know how to get into coolers


Visited here on a spontaneous visit to San Diego with my son whos in the Navy. Was only a couple hours drive and TOTALLY worth it! I had never camped in the desert before, and boy was it a treat. The owls woke us up pretty early before sunrise, but the coyotes that came in just after that to the campground for a sing-a-long was defintately an experience. Hiking a giant rock for a sunrise in the desert is worth every sleepless moment. If you are into rock climbing- definately a place to go. I will say spots go quick, so be prepared to get there early, regardless of the day, so you can snag one as folks head out.

Great for local get away!

Love this park! Have been many times. It is perfect for the quick, local get away. You would NEVER even know that you are so close to home.


Had a great time here! The sites are all on the side of the mountain, and you can hike up to the sign similar to the Hollywood sign that can be seen from miles away. Side note- after hiking to top, we found that there is even 1 camping spot at the top under the sign with a CRAZY view of the valley below. There is even a pool here for swimming at the campground if you like. The caverns are super awesome as well, especially considering they have not been fully explored. It is not as crowded as some of the other caverns in the area which in my opinion is a plus. We only had 1 other family with us. The place has lots of old world charm.