Ron M.

Emery, SD

Joined April 2019

Retired IT guy turned nomad, traveling in campervan, landscape photography, and frequent volunteer work.

Perfect for visiting White Sands

I stayed here 6 nights in Feb of 2019 so I could catch sunrise/sunset at White Sands. You are on a military base but signage says your welcome. Boondocking. I was in a campervan. I have to say that there's enough room for 20 campers and RVs however, the big RVs make a point of taking up way more space than they need. After my 2nd night there it became apparent that it was to push smaller rigs into the less desirable areas away from the lake. One guy with a micro teardrop pushed in between where there was ample room and all hell broke loose.

Good camp area

Go slow or you'll miss the entrance, it's not marked. Entrance and exit have rocks you need to navigate around but don't let that worry you. I spent a night there in May 2019. Contrary to other posts here, it does have 2 porta-potties. Temps drop quickly, it may be a bit windy, but the views we're excellent. It rained the day we got here and the morning we left. The ground gets a little muddy but no worries. Plenty of large sites as well as hidden sites and tent sites. Quite a few dogs were there, all well behaved. It's a clean area. My only not pick was that people in larger RVs didn't respect your space, parking 20 feet away when there were 5 or 6 very large spaces available. Seemed like their intent was to piss you off so you would leave. We did when the RV that was 20 feet away pulled out 2 generators.

Great views, can be windy

Spent 3 nights here in 2 different locations. Loved it. Quiet, dispersed areas. Dirt road is well maintained but when it gets wet it can get muddy quick. Your on a cliff so winds can pick up. Plenty of spots for various sizes rigs. Great place to just enjoy sunrise or sunset. I've seen a few couples in tents so the wind is not that bad I guess.

Enjoyed it

My 1st stay was early February 2019 and it was 18 and 30mph winds. The van was rocking but I slept like a baby and was the only one there. Stayed again late April 2019 and it was full of RVs stacked against the edge so I parked away from them. Quiet night, warm, not windy at all. Just full of those pretentious RVers with their website plastered all over their rig taking selfies. It's quit the comedy to watch them shoot video(I presume for YT) never going further than the tourist plaque.