Robert H.

Pearland , TX

Joined November 2019

Camping fun

Don’t go unless you want your vehicle scratched.

The road leading in is one of the worst in the park because it’s un maintained and very very narrow, I recommend taking the river road then heading north on black gap road to make it somewhat easier on your vehicle. There’s a decent trailhead by the camp and it’s pretty close to the old mercury mine in the park those are the only upsides.

Endless moos

The campsite is on top of a hill overlooking the brush near the river. It was really windy at night and throughout the night cows kept mooing. The only good thing about the site is it’s 15min of off-roading from the nearest paved road.

Very neat location.

Probably one of my favorite camp sites in big bend, was right on the river with plenty of wildlife to see. Saw a wild mare and her foal a few times which was pretty cool. The story of Johnson’s ranch is pretty cool too and while driving in you can see foundations of old buildings and a few marked graves here and there.

Pretty sketchy

When we first got to the camp site we realized just how remote it was. In the middle of the night a old beaten down sedan drove right up to our site and parked for a bit then drove off. Other than that is was a pretty good location.