Robert F.
Abingdon , MD
Joined August 2019
Beautiful campground

This is a beautiful and quiet campground. Not all staff members are the friendliest. Staffing would be a 2 star. Pool is a 5 star. View when you can see it is a 5 star. Two negative issues and to my wife and I the one is a big negative. The campground is set up by money. And what I mean by that is, class A and larger get the water views. 5th wheel and travel trailers get the 2nd class view behind the big money class A. Your 3rd class would be the pop up campers and conversion campers. Sorry guys you are not allowed in the park. No camp fires allowed in the park. 🤬 We have been to a lot of parks and what is odd about this one is that no one will talk to you. You say hi or good morning and nothing in return. Felt strange.