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Ranger Review: Smith Sunglasses at Bellows Field Beach Park

First let's talk the Smith Sunglasses. These were sent to me as a winner of one of the dyrt contests and I couldn't be happier. I never looked seriously at Smith sunglasses before and stuck with the other name brands (RB, Oak..etc) and I don't know if I will go back. I received the Smith Clark with brown polarized lenses and this is my favorite overall pair of sunglasses I own. The lenses are super clear and the world looks amazing. The other great thing is they are stylish, but hold to your face well enough to do activities in them. I could run around, sweat, paddle, and they never slipped off my face. These are awesome. The only downside is when i went to clean them, I think I had sand on my lens rag and I put a nice swirl in the left lens. Dissapointing, but probably my fault.

Bellows beach is also a great place to spend the day or night. The beach is huge and neighbors another popular beach (Waimanalo) which is great as well. Bellows is sometimes closed for military training etc so if it is, just go next door. There is plenty of space for even the largest crowd on the beach, and there is a nice forested area behind the beach to cool off in the shade. The bathrooms are pretty good too if needed. This beach is a great boogie boarding site and some people were even surfing. Great place! On a Tuesday there were 4 people taking wedding photos, so you know it's beautiful.

Great little river and spot for camping

Stayed here over the weekend in August a few years ago. It was beautiful. A good river for fly fishing or spinner fishing. The road to/from is well maintained as well. It wasn't too busy when we went, plenty of space. A couple of RVs were parked around too. We were the only ones in our area, we let the dog run around and had a good time too. My nieces enjoyed splashing in the river as well. Overall a good spot.

Great Campground, Long Drive

This campground is really seclusive. Miles of dirt road to get to with beautiful green grass on the way. It doesn't open until the first of July sometime because elk are caving and they don't want people to bother them. The road can be tough if it is raining a bunch, but worth the trip if you have time. Campgrounds are secluded, definitely bring everything you need because you are over an hour from a good store. Lots of good hiking and potential to see wildlife. It will also be cold at night, so be prepared. Great spot!

Awesome Area, plenty of open spots

Great park with lots of options for camping. There are a few campgrounds near the lake, one of which is kind of by itself. I recommend getting there early and driving around all of the campgrounds to find a good spot. The lake is really nice, specially if you get out on it in a canoe. The facilities have showers (at least one of them does) and the bathrooms are pretty good. Lots of different options for campsites so make sure and check out the map and drive around to find the one you like.

Camping is OK, find something nearby

This park isn't really meant for camping in my opinion although you can. I would find a nearby state park to camp in (Cimarron Canyon) and just visit the lake and town. If you have a camper, this one would be ok. The bathrooms are pretty nice and the scenery is awesome, but it doesn't really feel like camping. Eagles Nest is awesome though, and you are a short drive to Angel Fire, Red River and Taos. The fishing is great on the lake too, specially if you have a boat. If not, you can rent one from the local shop and even take a guide if you want. Trolling for trout is the best way to catch lots of fish in my opinion. You can also snag for Salmon during the spawn. Overall, great place to visit but I would find another camping spot nearby.

Another New Mexico Gem

Coyote Creek is a great place to escape for the weekend. The fishing is great, scenery is amazing, and it is quiet! This campsite is located in a valley along a small creek, if it is a drought year, there won't be much water. There aren't many trees around the creek so it doesn't feel as "foresty" but it is still in the mountains. The bathrooms/showers are really nice as well but located quite a ways from the creek. There are camping spots up by the bathroom as well that have more coverage and privacy. As usual with New Mexico camping, bring everything you need because stores are not close by and usually close early in the day. The road to get to coyote creek is really narrow and windy so allow plenty of time to get there before dark.


I grew up going to this campsite almost every summer, so this review may be a little biased. The campsites are great, specially for tent camping. There are some big spots for RVs but those get pulled quickly. The campsites are a little close together, but I have never had any problems. The facilities are nice enough as well.

This campsite sits on the edge of a road next to two little ponds that are great for trout fishing. The river runs next to the ponds and you can find a few fish there too. I like to walk up and down the river to find some good spots that are a little quieter. The ponds fill up with quite a few people now.

You will need to bring everything you need. There are not any stores really close by, you will have to go to Cimarron ot Eagle Nest to stock on supplies if you are missing anything and they can be 30 minutes away. There are also no big box stores in these towns so things close down early.

Great Desert Camping, nice lake

This is a great place to hang out on the weekend in Eastern New Mexico. The water is great and it's pretty clean lake. When the wind kicks up it can get pretty rough but overall nice. The grounds are well taken care of as well. I would recommend staying on the South side of the lake if you like it quiet, you can also find more "trees". Try to keep your elevation low because the wind always blows in New Mexico.

Bare but decent

This park is decent if you like staying around large lakes. There are plenty of camping spots so lots of room. There aren't many large trees, so don't plan on a hammock. It can get a little windy too. We went when Lake Travis was down so it was a long ways to the lake, but it if the lake is full it should be good. We stayed on a Thursday in the fall and we didn't see anyone else the whole time.

Great Spot, Reserve Early and Arrive Early

This is a great camping spot in the heart of Texas. The lake is beautiful, spring fed and clear. Camping spots are large and usually plenty of space between neighbors (water only spots). Bathrooms are pretty nice, even have showers if you are into that. Hiking trails are good, swimming hole is awesome.

It does get crowded, and the water/electric spots do not have any privacy. Overall I would definitely recommend.