Rick B.

Charlotte, NC

Joined September 2016

Location, Location, Location

Formerly the Las Vegas/Circus Circus KOA, this is the only campground on the strip although it is on the northern end near the Stratosphere. The sites are spacious although the campground is essentially a large paved parking lot. There is little shade and grass unless you pay for a premium site. Much of the park is setup in a way that was convenient to build the sites but not so much for RVers.

The staff is friendly although the facilities are in need of repair. Since changing to Circus Circus RV park there have been some upgrades although much is needed to bring this RV park to the level of most of the resorts in this area.

Back to location, it is very convenient to easily walk to the strip and enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. The RV park is situated in a spectacular location for any Las Vegas fireworks shows as there is a great view of the Stratosphere.

We stayed here in a class A motor home.

Convenient to Atlanta, great location

This is a great, spacious campground and is very family friendly. It is convenient to all that Stone Mountain has to offer with convenient tram bus service to many areas of Stone Mountain Park.

There are a variety of sites, from nice upgraded sites to others right on the water. Many of the sites have plenty of shade. The campground is excellently maintained and the staff is super friendly.

Nice state park

One of the nicer state parks we have been to. It is adjacent to the Crater of Diamonds, a large field where many gemstones can be found, including diamonds, all of which you are allowed to keep. Included with your campsite is admission to the nice water park. The sites are rustic but spacious allowing big rigs to also stay here.

We stayed here in a class C motor home.

Great Key West Experience

This is one of the most beautiful campgrounds we have ever stayed at. It maintains the relaxed feel of Key West with excellent facilities, a friendly staff, all located in a lush tropical environment.

It is located on the water with its own boat launch and dock. It is also conveniently located to the heart of all the activities that Key West has to offer.

We stayed here in a Class A motor home.

Nice themed campground

Lake Rudolph is a nicely themed campground, right in line with the nearby town, Santa Claus, IN. It is conveniently located beside one of the best theme parks in the midwest, Holiday World. Holiday World and Splashing Safari has a huge, awesome, water park, and a couple of the 10 best wooden roller coasters on the planet.

Back to the campground, the sites are not so level but located in a nice wooded area and well maintained interior roads and facilities. Just a quick travel note, there is not much to do in Santa Claus, IN aside from Holiday World.

We stayed here in a class C motorhome.

Convenient to Hersheypark

The campground is part of Hershey and as such offers good discounts to Hersheypark. While it offers nice amenities and a shuttle to Hersheypark, the campground itself is very tight, cramped, and hard to navigate. The sites are so small that many tow vehicles have to park partially on the narrow access roads making it difficult to get in and out of with a big rig.

We stayed here in a Class A motor home.

Good mega campground

This campground probably has the nicest campsites of any of the huge campgrounds in Myrtle Beach. Most are level and paved. The amenities are nice but the general areas are only ok. The campground does have its own beachfront access.

This is one of the highest rated campgrounds in the area but beware of even thinking of breaking one of the rules. The last time we stayed here, the campground was only about 1/3 full so I did break a rule and drive our golf cart slowly through one of the empty sites with no campers near by. Yet within hours security was at our campsite giving us a warning. They are passive aggressive in enforcing the rules.

We stayed here in a class C motor home.

Family friendly mega campground

The most family friendly campground in south Myrtle Beach. There is a coffee house, seaside amphitheater, seaside indoor pool, and tons of activities for the family, all of which is included with your campsite. The public areas are very well maintained although the campsites are moderate. Site spacing is tight. They have direct beach access, easy to enjoy during a morning stroll. Unfortunately they have a very strict rule on bringing your own golf cart and have to rent one through them at a extremely high cost compared to other local campgrounds.

We stayed here in a Class C and Class A motor home numerous times.

Great location for downtown Myrtle Beach

If you want to be near the happenings of downtown Myrtle Beach, this is the best campground to stay at. The first downside is that it is a block offset from the beach, although they run a free shuttle to the beach. Fortunately you can bring your own golf cart or rent one, and even rental ones are allowed outside of the campground within a 2 mile radius, making it very convenient to get around.

The second downside is that a majority of the sites use lava rock for the campsite pads. While that makes it easy for them to maintain, it is not beach friendly and barefoot friendly even with numerous carpets out.

They are conveniently located right across the street from Family Kingdom Amusement park so it is easy to take the family over there when you are looking for a way to spend your evening.

We have stayed here in a travel trailer, a Class C motor home, and a Class A motor home. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Party city

Of all the campground choices in the southern tip of Myrtle Beach, this is one of the least family friendly. There are by far more parties that go on here than any other campground. The sites are ok, and while there are plenty of activities for the family, the main areas are not as nicely maintained than other area campgrounds.

Other private campgrounds right down the highway have more security presence and enforce family friendliness. We didn't experience that here during a couple of stays.

Good campground in the middle of tourist haven

Myrtle Beach is by far the most notorious area of the Carolinas for being a tourist mecca and a large party place. While that overflows into this campground, you will be hard pressed to find a better get away for a relaxing campground trip than this.

The sites are somewhat tight, but it still has that rustic feeling.

What a campground should be

It is hard to believe that you are in the city limits of Charlotte in this campground. It is very rustic, with lots of trees and nature, and the campsites are nicely spaced out so you're not on top of other units. The campground is not terribly big rig friendly but still worth staying at when you are in the Charlotte Metro area. We stayed here in a Class C motorhome.

Noisy and poorly maintained

This campground has a lot of potential. Unfortunately it is situated right next to a major highway so it is quite noisy. That is something that I can somewhat overlook if the facilities are great. However, with numerous stays here, the campground continued to be poorly maintained. We stayed here in a travel trailer.

Nice state park, great layout

This is a nicely maintained state park with the most unique layout that I have ever seen. We had a nice, level, paved pull-through site where all of the sites on our street faced their own private view of the wetlands.

It is conveniently close to the Gulf State Park Pier and Beach.

We camped here in a motor home.

Nice county park

This campground is owned by Union County, NC with a good rate for residents. As such, it can be difficult to get in at times and usually requires a reservation well in advance.

The facilities are very well maintained with a good access road sitting on a lake. There is a walking trail from the campground to the other side of the lake which is a day use area with a beach, shelters, canoe rentals, etc.

We stayed here in a travel trailer.

Average campground, lots of shade

As difficult as it can be to get into this campground, we were somewhat displeased. We expected it to be more 'disneyfied' like everything Disney and it wasn't. The campground is relatively well maintained but not well policed like other campgrounds so noisy neighbors drinking all the time and going to bathroom in the shrubbery any time of the day continue to get away with it. There is a ton of shade here, though.

One big plus is that you can charge everything in the parks to your campsite and also have items delivered to the campground office. Transportation to the park is not as convenient as you would think. You either have to find a way to get to one of the bus stops, which then drive forever to get to one of the parks or wait for a long time to get to the park by ferry. We found it quicker just to jump in our car and drive to the park.

Not bad, overall, but once was enough for us and we found better campgrounds in the Orlando area that are cheaper, with more amenities, that are easier to get into without having to reserve a spot at least a year in advance. We stayed here in a motor home.

Beautiful campground convenient to all of Orlando

This is quite possibly the nicest KOA we have ever been to. The staff is super friendly, the interior roads and many sites are paved with level pads, they have a large number of deluxe patio sites, and they are convenient to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

We have stayed here half a dozen times and each time we are impressed with the facilities. We stayed here in a motor home.

Very Nice Campground, Dog friendly

This is an excellent campground with tons and tons of greenery. It is very dog friendly and the sites are spacious. There are a lot of activities and a great pool area.

This campground is close to Busch Gardens Tampa. We stayed here in a motor home.

Very well maintained campground

We were surprised at how well maintained this campground is. It has lots of activities and the sites are spacious. You will find citrus trees on many of the sites.

The only downside to this campground is its location. It does have a security guard so we felt safe in the campground. However, it is not in the best location and we often heard gunshots at night.

We stayed here in a motor home and would stay here again.

Superbly maintained campground convenient to Disneyland

This campground is a bit unique but what you would expect in the Anaheim city limits but it is very well landscaped and maintained. It is close enough to Disneyland that you could probably walk there although there is no need because the Disneyland trolley has a stop right by the front office.

The staff is exceptionally helpful and every morning you can pick up complimentary breakfast muffins and coffee. Sites are level and most have concrete pads.

We stayed here in a motor home.