Richard P.
Phoenix, AZ
Joined August 2019
Piny air and plenty of isolation

While I'd rather have been closer to the dramatic drop off of the rim, sitting a bit back on the plateau was still a nice break from the valley heat. The site was spacious and quite far from the nearest other sites. I could just barely spot a little flickering flame through the trees for the site to the south of me - an RV was there and I think I heard some young children early in the afternoon - and similarly saw a bit of distant light from the site to the north. These are nicely separated.

Sadly, not as far back from FR 84 (or the Rim Rd. itself) as would be ideal as there was some intermittent traffic noise and light during the evening but not so bad it detracted from the peace much.

There were two rock fire rings at the site but I personally thought one of them was too close to a tree to be usable. The one I did use had plenty of clearance.

Plenty of flat space for a tent and some nicely spaced trees for hammock campers.

Spectacular views and variable mountain weather

First review; very first time camping. I wasn't sure what to expect or if I'd even make it through the one night I'd scheduled (TheWife was confident I'd bail) and when I got drenched to the bone on my afternoon hike, it was even more in doubt. But it cleared up, mostly, and the locale was so beautiful and cool and refreshing I toughed it out.

A mix of smaller and larger, numbered spots with a decent amount of space between. The larger ones easily accommodated trailers/RVs; I think the spot I selected would have been a bit tight for anything more than a smaller popup trailer. The spots on the south side of the road are right at the edge of the Mogollon rim, so they're a bit more dangerous for pets and small children (or drunk adults) but have the advantage of being right on the rim.

I could hear a neighbor who decided to blast their music till too damn late and a bit after midnight someone incredibly inconsiderate drove slowly down the forest road honking their horn intermittently. I'm trying to convince myself they were looking for a lost friend, family member, or pet so that I don't think they were that rude. If you're looking for isolation, these spots won't necessarily give it to you, though some of the larger ones set back further from the road would clearly be better on that front.

Fire rings; plenty of flat space for tents; plenty of sturdy, well-spaced trees for hammocks.

The road's passable for most passenger cars.

Some gorgeous hiking trails right near by, including Drew Trail which you can take down the rim to pick up the Highline.