Rayshell K.
Casper, WY
Joined June 2018

Pretty site with lots of flowers, recommend a camper, or you may be sleeping in your car. Racoons harassed us until we moved to the car as well as something Big and Angry sounding that we couldn't identify.

Pretty little hide away

I was turned onto this campground by my dad about 2 years ago and just returned this year, tucked back into a side road, it is a nice site that only the locals know of. With The Lodge near by this is great excape as long as you don't mind the two to three hour drive through cow and sagebrush territory. (Seariously it takes forever no matter if you are coming from Buffalo or Casper.) Beautiful country, with a quiet little creek. Just make sure you have fourwheel drive because it takes a bit to get there.

Closed 😭

I am sad to say that this campground is now closed. I have satellite images of where it should be but it is gone. There is a pull in and a drive to the creek and a sign that says no camping. The road back to the old site is now blocked by boulders and a fence. Such a shame.

Gorgeous gem not found on maps.

We were on our way to Grave Springs campground from Buffalo when we rounded a corner and came across the sign for Middle Fork campground. Not expecting much, we pulled in to take a peak. Boy were we wrong, no sooner did we get out of the car did we fall in love with the oasis after miles and miles of sagebrush. Withe three little spots, a well maintained bathroom and NO FEE! All they adk is that you sign into the comments box (date, zipcode, how long you stayed and comments). This place was amazing! Unfortunately our fishing poles were out of commision but many pervious goers had said they were there for the fish and I could see why. Someone had a sense of humor by putting a Handicapped picnic table at the bottom of a steap climb. But boy was it gorgeous, right next to the creek. Flowers and butterflies galore. But unfortunately also bugs, so bring a citronella candle. And also a hammock because you won't want to leave.