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Livingston, TX
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Okay for a few days

Honestly, we chose this RV park due to proximity to the Cummins facility. I don’t believe we will choose this park again.


Gated. Full hookups.


Proximity to Nellis AFB flyovers. Started at 7 am and were on/off all day. If you want a place to sleep in, this is not it. I love planes and jets, but this park is on the flight path.

Everything, except for convenience stores and gas stations, is at least 3-5 miles away: grocery stores, restaurants, etcetera.

Bad part of town, hence the need for security gates.

A severe tire damage spike strip is installed to keep vehicles from going the wrong way. And it is at the sharp left turn to exit (with an RV space across the way). There has to be a better way.

Speed bumps are throughout park. I hate this trend.

Not necessarily big rig friendly if you have a full side slideout. Could not use awning because tree butted right up to the slide.

Brand new RV park close to freeway

This RV park is so new, construction is not done on some of the amenities like the pickle ball court and basketball court. That said, we were impressed with the roads (wide) and spots (33’ feet wide, 80’ long). Every site has 50 amp service. This park is truly big rig friendly. There is freeway noise, but during the summer, you can’t hear it when you have A/C on. GPS cannot find it yet, so call ahead to get directions. Reservation system allows you to pick your site ahead of time.

Best wifi experience in an RV park

We needed stable, steady Internet for a month. While we regularly travel with two hotspots for Internet coverage, we barely needed to use them. 

We stayed in one of the satellite friendly spots. Unfortunately, the space we were in was not so "friendly" due to the mature trees on either side. The satellite friendly spots are in the back of the RV park, and the aisle behind us had newer/younger trees that would not block satellite (but also would provide no shade).

Your experience at this park may vary. There were clearly a lot of monthly/semi-permanent residents at this park, especially on the back in spots at the edges. We would go back here, but we'd get a pull-through site next time.


- Internet.

- Location in reference to Zion, Bryce, and Cedar Breaks.

- Post office (for general delivery) is 2-3 blocks away.

- Major restaurants and retail stores within 10-15 miles (St. George).

- At least 3 state parks within a 20 mile radius, two are water sport havens (Sand Hollow and Quail Creek) and the other is hiking trail nirvana (Snow Canyon).


- No pool on site. 

- Location of trees on RV space meant that we could not use our patio awning for the month. If we positioned our RV to allow us to use the awning, we wouldn't be able to park our tow vehicle at all. 

- Our RV space was in the area with grass between the spaces. Sprinklers were programmed for daily delivery, and because of the width of the concrete pad, we were getting hard water stains on our RV (the sprinkler head pointed directly at our steps out of the RV). We noticed that on some of the "monthly" sites, there were plastic sprinkler head "deterrents" that would keep the spray from overshooting onto the concrete pad.

Amazing location for BLM camping

We stayed one night here, and it was amazingly peaceful and quiet. We expected dispersed camping, but were pleasantly surprised by the campsites. No hookups, but a picnic table and grill/firepit were at every campsite. Pit toilet buildings were located in several areas. Sites were semicircular with gravel. Easier to disconnect/hookup tow vehicles in the paved parking area by the boat launch/ramp.

Okay, but price reflects season, not amenities

We visited during Oregon’s “high” season, so by the time we booked, only back in spots were available for our big rig. Okay stay, just not impressed with amenities for price and that park has sappy trees over spaces.


  • Nice place to be for a week. Slower change of pace.
  • Proximity to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Nice staff.
  • Had a little lending library, so donated some books and took a couple of new ones for the road.


  • Our back in spot was under trees that drip sap. We have sap on our rig and our tow. The rules allowed you to wash your windshield, but you could only use water in a bucket - no spraying with a hose. First time we have ever had to wash our windshield before leaving a park.

  • Sites, despite an apparently fresh dump/spread of gravel, were not as level as site managers seemed to think. Back of the back in space sloped just enough to cause issues.

Nice RV park with mostly pull through sites

We only stayed here one night, so we did not use the amenities. They have a lot of outdoor-oriented recreation amenities, plus a clubhouse. 

Their pull through site was long enough for both our Class A and our tow vehicle. Decent amount of concrete pad, though it did feel like the space between sites was a little close. Looks like you can do groups and rallies here, but we were traveling on our own. We had a Pull Through site, which is approximately 70 feet long. 

Trash is across from the main office building, which is clear across the park from most of the spots. Kind of a "throw your bag into the trash" on the way out of the park situation, unless you liked a walk.  :)

There are some monthly options and sites, but all sites were well maintained.

Nice RV park with amenities

This was a pleasant surprise for us. The positives outweigh the couple of minor things, so we gave it 5/5.


  • Walkway to Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Clearly marked and paved for easy stroll over to the museum.

- Pool on-site, but no hot tub. I did use the pool, but for someone like me who has extremely fair skin, only in the last hour of pool time, 8-9 p.m.)

- Spaces are long enough for big rigs, as long as you get the 65 foot sites. They have two sizes: 50 foot and 65 foot. I'd recommend the 65 foot sites for a big rig, so you have enough room to park your vehicle. There were no gravel sites - all sites were concrete pads.

- More than one laundry location. Main office building has two washers, two dryers. We didn't check out the other laundry building. 

- More than one restroom location throughout park.

- Wifi was pretty decent, though spotty at times.

- The picnic table is modular. If you didn't need the table, it was easy to separate the two halves and have bench seating if seating was needed.

Minor negatives:

- While they had recycling containers in our section, there was only one trash receptacle clear across the park. And it was a trash compactor, so when you used your key code to open it, the stench was almost overwhelming.

- The entrance to the concrete pads was a little steep and might result in bottoming out. It was not a gentle slope, but a sharp incline.

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Nice park, but minimal space between sites

This RV park was overall a good experience. We didn’t use the pool, but they had one. Our biggest complaint about this park was the minimal distance between sites. It does have close proximity to a lot of what Ogden offers. Concrete pads were nice, but were a couple dollars more than gravel sites. Checkin was quick and easy. Their preferred route out of the park is fairly narrow and goes right by the dumpster. We had to go around another loop and take a different lane out due to a park guest who decided to back up and block the preferred route while loading their toy hauler. We were only here for one night on the way to another destination, but we might have used more amenities if staying longer. Price seemed reasonable.

Nice RV park, but not worth the price

We had a 10 day stay. Let me start with the positives:

  • Most spaces have at least 10-12 feet of grass between.
  • Nicely maintained.
  • Nice location, lots of trees and grassy areas.
  • Asphalt pads for most sites, some premium sites have a concrete pad for RV/trailer/camper with asphalt in front.
  • Decent wifi during the day, but slow as molasses at night. Assuming people streaming or downloading.


  • One way route around the park.
  • Road is narrow and winding, larger rigs have issues with staying on path.
  • Mostly back-in spaces, which combined with the road, makes for interesting times getting your rig settled.
  • Spaces are fairly short, especially on Standard sites. We barely fit our 39’ Class A and a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. If our vehicle had been any longer, we would have had to park in overflow parking. We saw a lot of fifth wheels with no other vehicle in the space, we assumed they were in the overflow area.
  • No real spot to unhook a tow, except for the overflow parking area, which has a wider road portion.
  • Some signs of semi-permanent residents.
  • If you have a satellite, I am not sure the shady/trees spots would orient. We saw a lot of tailgater dishes at front of spots (we had a lawn spot with landscaping, but not in the trees).
  • Grassy lawn area is large enough to require weekly maintenance and the lawn mowing can be annoying.
  • ALL spots require jack pads. Having not stayed in too many parks with asphalt, this was a surprise for us. They did not mention at checkin, but we got a polite email the next morning.
  • Billed as a luxury rv park. Price does not reflect that. No pool, just laundry/showers/restrooms.
  • Freeway noise. Very close to I-5. Louder on the side of park closest to street and entrance.