Arden hills, MN
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Cali girl trying make it in the Midwest. Mother of fur babes, wife to my hero , fixer of animals. Adventure is always calling but we can’t always answer. Hustling daily to change that . Coffee tastes so much better in the middle of nowhere...
No frills getaway

I had a love/hate with this campground. They have a great website with pics & details of each . It was super easy to use & reservations were a breeze. The site looked absolutely nothing like the pics ! They also mention water but this site had none. We found that out AFTER booking. But whatever, we had electricity & a full water tank. No sewer either. Price was reasonable. Well cared for site. Roomy. Clean picnic table. Fire ring, no grill grate. Garbage in the pit though, people suck. Not much for privacy between sites. We had site 28, it wasn’t bad . Much better than most ! We were kind of up on a hill above a very overpopulated part of the campground. We scoped our site 30 & would probably dig that if we were to return. We lucked out & had quiet neighbors next to us. Everyone else was out of control noisy. I won’t judge too harshly based of Labor Day weekend, but the crowd here lacked any common courtesy this time around. It was a bummer. Nice paved paths to Redwood Falls. Not much to see once you get there. Too many people. The river was nice but had murky grey water that had a very odd smell. The dogs couldn’t enjoy it. There was a bridge you cross to get to the paths but nowhere designated for pedestrians so you contend with cars. Cute swing bridge along the way though. There was a “zoo” - enclosures containing birds, bison, prairie dogs, goats etc. Maybe it would’ve been ok had parents not stood idly by whilst their children threw apples, over hand, at the poor animals & laughed. It all seemed far too stressful for these poor creatures. There was no one to be found in regards to any keeper. It was all pretty disturbing. People at the campground set off fireworks all day & night causing the peacocks to scream out. Yes you can hear it at the sites. I get this was a municipal park. And actually it was quite nice when everyone left and we were literally the only ones for 2 days. Camping in southwest MN was a new experience. I’d venture to say it would be nice to camp during a weekday. Be warned- there is NOTHING to do & the flies ( non biting houseflies) were abundant!! We had to buy fly strips!! All in all, we’d go back if we were just looking for a quick, closer getaway.

Thank god for nature !

Me & hubbs had a weeklong stay here at the marina campground for our anniversary. Upon arrival, we noticed how crammed together the sites were. Yikes! One of our peeves . We have 3 dogs, no kids & enjoy a little space & at least the slightest privacy. No such luck. We had a back in site - hook ups on the wrong side!! First annoyance. Kids galore. Everywhere. And Uber noisy & running amok! Second annoyance. Don’t get me wrong- I love kids enjoying the outdoors & just being kids! But holy cow- could’ve done without the non stop wailing & firecrackers day & night. If we had to have stayed at our site any longer I’d never relax. But I digress. We weren’t there to stay at our site. We were the for the surroundings & they did not disappoint!! It is absolutely gorgeous! Adventures abound! Tons of beaches ( water was un-swimmable though , super freezing still!) Clear beautiful water, the scenery was breathtaking! An abundance of dog friendly restaurants & businesses. You could walk nearly everywhere you needed to see & be in town . Incredibly friendly people ! We never felt like silly tourists. Made new friends from Canada, took many hikes to waterfalls, found lots of secret beaches along 61 where the dogs ran leash free & took in allllll the sights ! The weather at the end of August was incredible! 65 degrees , no humidity, no wind or rain & very minimal bugs.

We spent every early morning drinking fresh local coffee , eating World’s Best Donuts & watching the sun rise on a nearly deserted shoreline in town. It was heaven.

There is tons to do if you just go exploring. Even with people everywhere, it never felt crowded & anxiety inducing. Somehow it all went perfectly! Reminded me of Tahoe or Bodega. Can’t wait to get back!

FYI- rv sites are hard to get ! Get a jump on a rez in January. Clarify if it has sewer- ours didn’t . We had site 77 . Not right on the water but a literal 2 min walk. I preferred this site to many others. More privacy for the pups.

Worlds away..

Driving cross country from California, we were looking to pull off in the middle of nowhere Nevada. Every place we came across was packed to the gills. No vacancies in sight. Actually, there wasn’t much in sight really. We were smack dab in the middle of nowhere, slightly desert/ plain like surroundings on America’s loneliest highway - Nevada’s Highway 50. We stumbled upon the petroglyphs. We pulled into the unmanned site , placed a bit off the main drag. It somehow managed to be in the middle of nowhere but tucked away all at the same time. Its bare bones , people. No fees, not much in the way of other people & no amenities that we knew of., except a picnic table & a fire pit/ring. That was fine by us. We had our minivan & our dogs & that’s all we needed. This was a totally fly by night camping adventure but that’s what made it so great! There are designated spots that actually had quite a bit of privacy from our fellow camper- not that we needed it but it’s what we look for most. It was sheer luck. We weren’t fully prepared for our detour so we had no wood. No problemo! We took to the plain , scouting the landscape for sagebrush & pinecones. It added to the charm. We burned that all night & it smelled like heaven. The night was warm, peaceful & void of any biting insects. We slept crammed in the minivan van with all our windows open , sweet fresh night air flowing thru. It was dark & desolate but somehow felt perfectly safe & we slept like logs. We woke just in time for the most spectacular sunrise & jack rabbits abound. It was glorious. The petroglyphs themselves were kind of an afterthought. We didn’t really see many & were slightly underwhelmed. But the cliffs & Rocks were pretty beautiful & colorful. The dogs enjoyed climbing & exploring. It was seemingly completely empty in the morning too. Not a soul around. It was kind of neat to feel like you had an entire campsite to yourself!

Btw- bathrooms are disgusting. I imagine no one gets out there too often for maintenance. But it was no bother. Just suck it up & pull up a nice piece of brush to squat in . You’ll live.

We’d definitely find ourselves back here again. The peace & sense of adventure was immeasurable. It’s a different kind of camping . Perfect for keeping things interesting!

A lovely little retreat

After an unfortunate start to a holiday weekend at a KOA site we blindly booked, were left with our camper, 3 anxious dogs & nowhere to go . The KOA was kid central, noisy, overly crowded, & the campers & RVs packed on top of each other like sardines. My worst RV Park nightmare! I panicked & randomly called Treeland RV Resort , blindly once again. The phone # listed rings the maim resort . The RV Park is located right across the street. They kindly transferred me & I was greeted with the very lovely Susan. She was phenomenal from the beginning. I asked if they happened to have any openings for a pull thru or back in site. It was a Saturday on Memorial Day weekend..& she didn’t laugh at me! She was happy to announce that they did indeed happen to have a cancellation & she’d gladly hold the spot for us !! Hallelujah! About 45 minutes later we pulled in to the park.. we knew instantly this was going to be amazing. We just knew.. ya know? It had a cute red barn office & we immediately noticed how immaculate & thoughtful the landscape & aesthetic is. Susan was just as lovely in person. She gave us our site info , calmed our nerves & told us to get situated at our site & then we could come back to the office at our leisure & finish the paperwork. Wowza! We found our site & we were not disappointed at all. In fact just blown away! Tucked away from our neighbor just enough to have plenty of space for us & the pups but without being completely segregated. There is a playground & heated pool , but it’s just far enough away to not be heard at all but a quick walk to get to if you so desire. Nooks of trees for privacy & a hammock, lots of green grass & a cement area & a well cared for picnic table & bonfire pit & grill. The pull thru gravel driveway at our site was ample & level. All the hook ups were neatly & conveniently ready for lift off. No fuss no muss.

This place goes on & on with quaint little touches. It was welcoming from the very beginning phone call & the people who run this place are incredible, helpful, thoughtful & just plain kind. Susan & her hubby Mike are fantastic.. we can’t say enough about them. Everyone & everything was quite literally perfect. I don’t get to say that often . The dogs were welcomed with open arms too! There were plenty of trails & things for them to see & do.

We were there 3 full days & just barely began to scratch the surface!

So looking forward to going back!!