Phillip M.
Bend, OR
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Mushrooms gallore

Salt point state park is a very relaxing place for me salt air cool breeze very quiet with just yhe sounds of surrounding forest and the ocean in the distance. This last time to salt point i brought a freind who happened to have a skill……Mushroom hunter and classifier. I did not know untill chating with him at his restaurant that it was legal to mushroom hunt at salt point. I soon learned a little agout it. We gathered all day. The booty for me was 5 lbs roughly of black boletes and 2 lbs os chatrelles and the sight of at least 20 other spevies including one called the death cap.

That would bring us to the reason. One needs a knoweledgable guide. Many mushrooms are poisinous most often fatal so DO NOT GO MUSHROOM HUNTING AND CONSUME UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE YOU KNOW WHAT KIND IT IS!!!. The problem is many species that are edible have a cousin that looks like it that are poisinous .

Right on the beach

I arrived late around 8 pm. It was very windy 30 to 40 mph. My legs were spent. Thank goodness i had the wind at my back fo the majority of the day. I went straight to the hiker biker camp site set up camp ate and crashed. The next am i got up took a 3 dollar 🚿. And looked around

This campground is great rv full h[k ups tents hot showers fishing crabbing ocean on one side bodega bay the other. Wind surfing surfing. All in all many many rec oppurtunities in this area. Now on my bicycle into the abyss HWY 1