Phil B.

Newbury, NH

Joined September 2018

Returned from S Korea, met my wife in seattle and flew to Alaska for week of camping. Returned to seattle then drove Cross country to Glacier, Yello

Great location in the heart of the Geysers

Gteat location. Lots of bison. Easy access to all the Geysers. Great ranger program. Only down side is heavy use and hard for staff to stay on top of it. Staff were friendly and helpful though.

Every campsite has a breath taking view

The most prestige area imaginal on the east side of Glacier National park. Wildlife galore from Grizzly bears to mountain goats and moose. Brenner trail head nearby. There is a beautiful lodge which offers boat trips on the lake for $20. Nice camp store and breakfast is available in the connecting restaurant. This a must see area. Stay a few days. Lots of campers bring high power binoculars to watch tge Grizzly bears in the mountains.

Back country is truly remote here

Harchers pass is a very remote area with camping opportunities along the route from Palmer Alaska to the road to Denali. There are no amenities and few people in tge area. Mostly hunters and fisherman and off road vehicle 4x4s. This is remote wilderness. Be prepared with bear spray.

There is no campsite without a breath taking view of mountains and glaciers

WI think a mile walking distance to downtown Seward. A City shuttle comes for free a couple tines a day. There fishING resources to rent. Cavins, yurts and camp sites. Late August the silver back salmon run. We caught one. The Alaska Coas talk train and Exit Glacier are awesome destinations. Resort staff are helpful