Paul H.

Eureka, CA

Joined June 2019

not usually open

we stop to visit on foot now and then, especially if theres snow. i wish it was still available.

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on willow creek, adjacent to the highway. fairly busy at times, but pretty nice.

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wonderful river camping

the campground isaway from the river a bit, but once there, its wonderful. we used to swim there often or float in inner tubes from there to the bridge in town.


the campground and the drive are beautiful. we intend to return this summer :)


nothing remarkable, but it was nice and convenient. right off the freeway for easy access. no complaints.

our first

this was our first koa we stayed at. pretty standard for a koa. no complaints.

amazing view

we cant wait to come back again. the crags are beautiful!

top o' the hill

it was hot and smokey from the carr fire when we visited but it was pretty nice. we wanted to spread a little trail magic on the pct while we were there and hopefully helped out a few people.

its ok

convenient beach camping. the health hazards of clam beach and moonstone beach due to contaminated streams is a bummer. the beach is often cold, windy and foggy but its pretty nice when the sun is shining.

right on the beach

decent little campground on the beach. convenient access to fern canyon and all the amazing trails and redwoods. cant wait to return.


the falls are amazing. i love the temperature difference you can experience when you hike to the bottom of the falls. looking forward to going again.

great disc golf

my friends and i had a great time camping here to enjoy the river and the disc golf course. amazing views!

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cant wait

i really want to camp here this summer. the campground is directly on the pacific crest trail. we wanted to stay last summer but the campground was closed due to storm damage. we explored for a while, but had to move on. hopefully it is open this year!

a nice place to beat the heat

the campground is well shaded and next to a very clear and cold creek. the times ive visited, it has been deserted save for the occasional host. nice and quiet.

amazing views

patricks point offers some amazing views and camping opportunities. the coast is beautiful and offers agate hunting on the beach. you can visit a demonstration yurok village and hike along multiple trails within the park. just be sure to secure your valuables. people are known to break into vehicles if anything is left out in the open.

fun in the redwoods

we stayed in the group site with friends a while back. the park is about 15 miles from the coast but still is heavily influenced by coastal weather. the fog can stay in the river valley and keep the campground cold even in the summer. the river is nice earlier in the year before the water warms and it fills with algae. theres swimming and hiking on site as well as the ranger station to explore. the redwoods are beautiful but the campground is directly adjacent to highway 36. luckily, its a low volume road, but the noise can be a bother still. we will be back even if its just for a day trip to swim.


standard koa feel to this campground. it was nice and relaxing, well maintained. no complaints.

great for family

the times weve stayed her have been pretty fun. there is a lot to do for small kids. the disc golf course offers beautiful views when on top of the course, but watch out for poison oak! my chief complaint was the raising of prices a few years ago to an absurd amount for camping. pretty nice if you can afford it.


it was decent when we went, but its been a while. its isolated and a little fistance from the beach. there are some smaller trees throughout. we enjoyed the disc golf course that had just been built back when we visited. its a fairly typical KOA setting.

beautiful view

the ocean view is amazing like most of the oregon coast. our only issue with this campground was how popular it was. we went in february and all but the tent sites was packed. not much privacy, but still worth a visit.