San diego , CA

Joined June 2016

Large campsites, beautiful river, need bug spray

Outstanding location, 20 minutes outside of civilization, you get giant private sites, a path to the river, beautiful scenery and all the mosquitoes and gnats you can swat at.

Rough roads lead to beautiful places

The road out here is rough!!! But we did it in a Honda Fit so if you have a SUV you will be fine. Right next to the beach it gets cold at night bit you are super close to Fern Canyon one of the most amazing places I have ever seen, straight out of a movie.

Super cramped sites but worth it.

So you will be camping with people only a couple feet from you, it's load, it over crowded, it's sucks but your not there for the campsite you are there for the trees and nature and it excels in this. Wild elk roaming within feet of your campsites, epic Redwoods within walking distance, and a super friendly staff.

One of the largest camps but still busy

I guess that's the trade in when you go somewhere so established as one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. They have everything you need, firepit, table, food storage bit we were basically camping with two other families because they were so close. The hiking I'm the park is incredible bit do your research as we didn't know that some of the trails require permits. We did the Upper Yosemite Falls trail it was very difficult but extremely rewarding.

Camping in the snow

There was a random summer snow storm that came through and we thought our camping trip may be ruined, but they plowed all the roads, gave us more wood for our fire, and served Jamison hot chocolates at the lodge. It felt like the perfect white Christmas but during the summer.