Patrick R.
Scottsdale, AZ
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Desert dwelling boat rat missing the ocean.
Great spot gone wrong

We camped where is was supposed to be a bit quieter.   Opposite side of lake from toilets.  You couldn't see anyone, but boy could you hear them.  We were about a mile , maybe mile and a half from the lake.  There was a big ( hundreds ) church group, who had a stage for services, and a band ( they were on road to lake / boat ramp, a quarter mile from lake ).   So before dinner Saturday, heard lots of drums and guitar tuning, then there concert.  Spanish Chistian hymns were fine and we appreciated that they unplugged at 9[m, and didn't start up again till 9 am.  Didn't love it, but appreciated they tried to be respectful.

Another group, apparently in retaliation, play rock and roll ( good songs, so kind of didn't mind ) top volume till 2 am.  I sleep well and missed the fight when another group went over to ask them to turn off.

We did mind the gunfire.  Lots and lots of gunfire.  So we do not know how much gun safety was practiced, but it made us nervous and signs clearly marked that not allowed.  Lots of ATV's buzzing around.

On the way out, one large group  ( not the church group ) left a dozen large bags of trash for the volunteers host to haul out.  Plenty of garbage was left not bagged.  The volunteer host said he was quitting, he has alerted state rangers and local police to the repeated gunfire but no one ever comes to enforce.

The lake on Sunday was quiet and great. Stocked and kids caught a fish. The kids had fun.  Maybe we just got unlucky, but overall disappointed.  Might try again as the spot had a lot of potential.

Close to town but felt like way out in the woods.

As nice a campground as you could want and only be 15 minutes from center of town.  The walk to tent camp sites are great, and a short walk.  It was just myself when I stayed, looking for a place to sleep and break up drive from Phoenix to Denver.  I would go back with family, but most weekends seem booked, so reserve when you can!