Gamble for a view

Only 3 non-reservable sites with tables and fire pits on DNR land. The path up to the sites from the beach is very steep and slippery on the dirt but there is a rope to help. Looks like they’re trying to create a stairway in the future. Not recommended if you need to haul myriad items up to the campground. One vault toilet had no toilet paper and was quite unsavory. We grabbed some rolls from Sucia to restock it for people. There is an epic view with short trails to walk around though.


3 non-reservable sites are available on Washington area preserve land. The path up to the sites is steep and slippery with loose dirt but there’s a rope to help out. Looks like they started to build steps, who knows if it will get finished. Not recommended for hauling myriad items up from kayaks. The restroom is a vault toilet that lacked toilet paper and was quite unsavory. We brought a couple rolls from Sucia to help out. During low side it is very rocky and tough on fiberglass kayaks, but there’s a small path that can launch one or two kayaks at a time. There’s a couple short paths to explore the area, and an epic view at the tip of the point. Best used for small groups and simple camping.

Nice site for DNR

Nice, quaint campground away from most other campers and is on DNR land. The campsites are nicely trimmed and easily accessible from the beach. Toilet is further up the trail and could use some work. 2/3 sites near the beach and a couple more further up the trail.