Panra M.
Saint Paul, MN
Joined August 2018


-Sites are way too close together. Had a terrible experience here and was even harrased by 2 other nearby campers, TWO SEPERATE TIMES, who would not leave us alone at our site and continued to be rude and yell at us with all our children around. We were minding our own business and kept to ourselves the entire time. The two campers felt we were rude for showing up past midnight trying to get our stuff together and set up. We finished setting up and made super late dinner for our children who were hungry and just finished a 5 hour, no stop, roadtrip. The first camper who showed up to tell us that we were being too loud was very rude to us, but we felt we were in the wrong and complied because it definitely was past quiet hours. We respected their confrontation, even if it came off rude. We quickly and quietly ate and all went to bed about 10 minutes after the confrontation. The "white woman who is 61 years old" (her own wording) told us off and was super disrespectful to us and our children. She came to yell at us to be quiet on our second day and even threatened to call the cops on us if we did not. It was only 7pm and we were cooking dinner for our children. Our children were playing, was that so terribly wrong?? Mind you, quiet hours dont begin until 10pm. She felt so privileged to tell us to be quiet at 7pm as we were just having family bonding time and making dinner. When she began to start getting verbally agressive, we asked her to leave our site as we did not feel comfortable with her on our site with all our children (all under age 9) around. She was even more verbally aggressive and triggered us to become verbally defensive back to her and yelled back at her because of her disrespect. She would not leave our site and continued the harrassment confrontation for another 5 minutes. They reported us the first day to the office already for apparently being too loud when we showed up past midnight to our site, we were warned by the office already. I believe that was more than enough, but they didnt feel it was enough and confronted (more like harrassed) us another 2x when we were minding our own damn business and were at a respectively loudness at 7pm BEFORE quiet hours even began. There was even another site right next to us who was thumping loud music, in the middle of the night and all day during the day of 2nd confrontation/harrasment, from their cars and camp site and it didnt seem to be be an issue whatsoever to anyone or them apparently. But i guess arriving late past quiet hours you cant make dinner or set up your site or even have your kids play together during the day because its disrespectful and rude and apparently too loud. We still own up to being "too loud" when we arrived though we felt we werent. We even complied and apologized when they came at us with rudeness. Terrible experience overall. Would not reccomend to anyone nor return again. EVER.

Also, the campground map on the website has an address which we thought and assumed was the campground address since there was no other address listed. We followed our gps to the address listed and it wasnt even the campgrounds! It looked like it was the ski area, which was 11 minutes away from the campgrounds. We were lost for a good 1 to 2 hours until we used google satelite to locate the campground and found the campground ourselves.