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Super close to the beach and so much to do! Lots of attractions, shops, and restaurants!


Make sure you take this hike out to Chapel Beach! AMAZING views of the rocks and water and cliffs. WOW. The water was cold but I didn’t care, I just had to swim in this beautiful lake. The boats going by were awesome to watch and I was blessed with the best weather! Perfect Day, Perfect Beach! Just don’t forget your swim suit like I did… 🤣

Backpacking on Assateague

We set out to hike the 12 miles down to the Virginia side of Assateague. would have been lovely if we had gotten an early start. we got stuck in a nasty storm about 6 miles into our hike and had to take shelter at the nearest campsite. The mosquitos were awful! I’ve never encountered as many pesky little demon bloody thirst insects in my entire life. They are horrible on Assateague! If you’re planning on staying here just make sure you pick a campsite on the BEACH! Any wooded areas, or anything away from the ocean for that matter is infested with mosquitos. My boyfriend wore his mosquito net and wore his body suit and my stupid ass made fun of how silly he looked until I was the one getting devoured by mosquitos EVEN WITH BUG SPRAY. Be prepared if you plan on doing the 12.5 mile hike down all of Assateague Island. It’s all sand and fairly hard to walk on. I ended up taking my shoes off because of how uneven it was. Also, bring a duster so you can get your shoes back on without having to worry about sand particles cutting your feet!

Beautiful Campsite!

Amazing views and very peaceful. Gorgeous wild horses and the sound of the ocean was so relaxing. My only problem was the mosquitos! They were horrible and EVERYWHERE. The beached areas didn’t have as many but as soon as you get off the beach past the bushes and trees they’re horrible. The showers are ice cold and are just stalls outside so you’re showering in freezing water while mosquitos are attacking your naked body. ugh. Honestly though, it’s worth it to see these amazing views. I will definitely be coming back, but I’ll probably choose a campsite on the beach next time rather than right off the beach.


Showers were amazing wow! I always tend to find that State Park showers are way better than National Park showers.. I wonder why that is.. anyway, super beautiful. very heavily wooded. if you make reservations ahead of time you can pick your campsite. When you arrive you get a code that lifts the gate for you to get in the campgrounds. Very mountainous drive throughout the campground but that’s what makes it beautiful. Barhrooms are only a short walk away from all the campsites. Very beautiful walk through nature when staying here.

Nice little lake!

Very busy on the weekends. The public can come swim on the lake without having a campsite reserved so it is PACKED in the summer, otherwise beautiful campsite! very family friendly, there’s a playground, snack stand, and paved trails leading up to the beach area. There is a trail that takes you all around the lake that you can bike if you wanted. Great area for kayaking/canoeing too!

Beautiful Campsite!

Thank goodness they take reservations ahead of time because they book fast. I went in May the week before Memorial Day and wow was it crowded. Luckily the campsites are pretty private and spaced out. Bathrooms were always clean and had running water. There is a trail that leads right out of the campsite, but if you wanted to go to some of the other trails it wasn’t a far drive. No cell reception whatsoever but that’s okay, you’re camping!

So Beautiful!

Get there early! Campsites don’t take reservations so walk in early if you want a chance to find a campsite. There is only 12 campsites + a few handicapped campsites in the area I was in. I was lucky enough to get a campsite right next to the lake and it was absolutely beautiful! Toilets are available but no running water. There is a bubbler/water spout at entrance to campsite. Gorgeous campsite! Gorgeous Park! Will be back sometime!