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Dailey Lake Campground

Unique area of Paradise Valley that doesn’t have any trees near the lake or campsites. Wide open but very pretty 360 degree views. Able to camp real close to the lake and campsites are spaced out enough so you don’t feel like you’re on top of your neighbor. Fire pit and picnic table at each site. Bathrooms were surprisingly clean and didn’t smell horrible for being vault toilets. Would go here again, however it does get pretty windy regularly and as I said before there is no cover to stay out of the wind.

Campground right on the Salmon River

Campground was right on the Salmon River and right off of the highway. Great location just a few minutes outside of Stanley,ID. Campsites kind of seem on top of each other because there aren’t many trees in between for privacy. Size wise campsites are solid with plenty of room for whatever size tent you have. Fire pit and picnic table at each site. Would stay here again without a question.

Great Campground

Smaller campground with nice campsites next to the creek that runs through it. Plenty of room between campsites. Campground is a few miles off the main road so you don’t here traffic at all through the night. Out house bathroom facilities with no running water. Did have clean pump water at the campground to use. Single lane paved road to get to the campground.