Noah L.
Gig Harbor, WA
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Beautiful spot by the lake

My wife and I love it here. It's very peaceful and right by the lake. You can SUP or Kayak, or walk over and hike to waterfalls. Great place to get away.

Beautiful beach spot, but right on the road

This is right by some of the best beaches in the world. It is right on a main road on the island, so there can be road noise pretty close by. The waves usually take care of it, but not always.

Pretty spot, but is expensive. They charge $20 per person.

Has good amenities though including cold showers.

Beautiful spot

Beautiful beach right by the military base. More of a local spot then tourist area. Can go kayaking. Good trees for shade so you don't get too hot.

Nice beach park

You have to pay to enter the park. Nice quiet spot. Our favorite part was right before entering the park there was a nice path with plenty of fresh blackberries and wild black raspberries to pick

Nothing fancy

We were going to camp here and set up our tent, then drove to Strawberry for a wine tasting. We weren't impressed with the campsite since there were a ton of ants, the ground was pretty slanted, hard ground, and a camp of kids were there. After driving to strawberry we saw a trailhead where people were camping for free and moved our campsite here. Much better.

The campsite wasn't that bad, but there are MUCH better ones around.

Great get away

Not too far from the waterfalls and right by the lake. Can camp, fish, hike, relax, etc. all in one location. Great spot to be. Not a bad drive from Grand Junction, and a bit cooler weather.

Great mountain campground near Ouray

We camped here and had a great time. It's right by Ouray with its hot springs and gorgeous views. Lots of hiking and red dirt exploring you can do in the area. Camp ground was a good size and had clean amenities.

Awesome hot springs

We love Orvis hot springs. They are very relaxing after going out hiking for the day and need to relax and sooth your tired muscles. A great place to go visit.

Great camping spot, close to the black canyon

We camped here before hiking down the black canyon that night. Great place to be close to the canyon. Lots of great views, fishing, etc. Highly reccomend going to this area.

First to Review

You can camp here right by Woods lake if you want to SUP, fish, or relax by the water. We did a day hike from here to the base of Mount Wilson, El Diente, and Wilson's peak. We wanted to camp there and summit these peaks but didn't have time. If you do the longer hikes or not, either way you'll have a great time.

Great campsite right by town

We came here to camp for two nights. Loved it. You're only a few minutes from town but it's at the end of town so you don't really have any traffic or road noise.

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Great spot, but has road noise

We enjoyed camping here. Not too crowded. Tall pine trees. Great weather. fire pit. Our only complaint was it is close to the road and you could hear cars drive by throughout the day/night.

Super nice right on the beach!

This campground is super nice, right on the beach. Make reservations though since it can fill up during the summer fast. Beautiful spot. you won't regret it.

Nice campground near the beach

We camped here while driving through WA. We got a nice spot not too far from the bathrooms. The best part of this campground is you can walk to the beach, which has a ton of sand and is nice to relax on. My only complaint, 4 stars, is there were a ton of flies everywhere.

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Nice campground, bad experience

We stayed in Road Runner 41. While the rest of the campground was nice, this site was horrible! We expected rain but their is only one spot to put a tent on this campsite and the water from the road all drains into this spot. Basically our campsite turned into a mini river and was washed away. Other campsites didn't seem to have this issue. The campground wouldn't issue us a refund.

The views from the campsite were very pretty and it would have been a nice place if it wasn't for the bad river and worst campsite ever.

My favorite

One of my favorite camping experiences. We hiked ten miles to a native american village with 400 people and then 1 more mile to the campground. There are amazing waterfalls and swimming holes here. The campsite is huge but you have to make reservations in advance, sometime months ahead. It's well worth it! You could explore for a couple days and relax in the pools by the waterfall.

The camp amentities were nice, and even though a lot of people were there, it didn't feel crowded. There is a stream going through camp where you can filter water from.

Far out but beautiful place

We drove here from Tempe AZ. Was a long drive but well worth it. We wanted to visit Chiricahua National Monument but camp more in the mountains. The drive up was a long dirt road. The campsite was covered in pines and had very nice amenities. You could hike straight from camp for hours up into the mountains. Being from Colorado I felt like I was home. Highly recommended.

Pretty Mountain Getaway

We visited here for a get away from Dallas. Bit of a far drive, but great spot. There was a stream through camp you could go play in and nice hiking trails from camp. The camp hosts were very friendly and the services were great.

Stunning Views

We camped here last summer. The clouds were in and it was raining till we set up camp. The drive was long to get up, but well worth it. We set up camp during a short rain break. We couldn't see the view at all that night. The next day we woke up and were stunned by the mountain peak view. It was worth it to camp here just for this. We also saw a lot of deer right by our tent.

We will be going back

Great get away!

We visited here for a night get away from Scottsdale. It's amazing! We sadly only camped one night. It did hail on us, but the site was excellent and we had a view of an elk feeding in the field from our tent. It was very close to the lake if you wanted to fish, boat, SUP, etc. Overall a great experience. Very close to the Mogollan rim.