Noah Johnathon M.

Kalamazoo, MI

Joined September 2016

Desert View

Desert View is a hidden gem at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Although many people tend to lean toward the more common parts of the south rim, this is a place that will give you more of a nature feel to the camping experience! Would recommend!

Mather Campground - Grand Canyon

Mather is a campground in a location that is absolutely magnificent. The view that you can get of the Grand Canyon at the south rim is like no other. As you look over the 18 mile canyon, you think you are dreaming because of the vast size of it and how huge it really is! This is a location that I would highly recommend traveling to if you can!

Coyote Creek

This campground holds a land of beauty and is a must go to if you are in the New Mexico area, highly recommended!

Wind in your hair, sand in your feet!

The Muskegon state park shares a beautiful scenery that is over all amazing tovwake up to in the morning, or even just visit while passing through Muskegon down the coast of Michigan!

Beauty just around the corner!

As Yosemite is a very well visited National Park, the Yosemite Creek bears an amazing view of the massive granite wonders and the nature that fills the Yosemite valley, a beauty within itself! As an overall experience, I give the Yosemite Creek, and the Yosemite National Park overall amazing experience and would highly recommend it!

Beautiful Forest

Holly Springs gives its visitors a wonderful, beauty within a land of trees and nature. As you wake up to the morning light, you can hear the faint chirping of birds as the sun slips over the horizon, sneaking inbetween the trees. The fact of waking up to this is a beauty within itself, but overall this is an amazing place to visit, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys camping, hiking, etc.

Beautiful Wonder of Michigan

Although the Ludington State Park is a very popular and busy state park, as it is right on the beach, this is an amazing state park to visit. The beauty of the trees and dunes as you hike around are astounding and grow you to have a great adventure throughout your visits here. I overall recommend this state park, especially if you live in Michigan or nearby states!! Two thumbs up!