Nikki E.
Las Vegas, NV
Joined June 2018
Perfect Escape From Vegas for a Camping Retreat

When we want a camping retreat ans a break from the Vegas heat, McWilliams Campground is definately the choice. I can honestly say, for being a desert, we’ve got a pretty great camping spot here.

While I love the outdoors and ‘roughing it,’ I have my limits, and plumbing is where I draw the line. I will camp wherever a good site is, but if there aren’t functional toilets, I’ll pass. Thus the reason McWilliams was such a great find. Not only do they have restrooms, they also have potable water and the campground pads each have a flattened base for tent setup, and a concrete pad with grill, stove stand, picnic bench and fire pit.

I have a full review and recap of our camping experience at McWilliams here: