Niki A.

Bellingham, WA

Joined July 2018


Donto go there in May like we did.

Beautiful hike, incredible views of the mountains and Baker. We are pretty sure we were not at the campground, but everything was covered in snow so we couldn't find it. Either way, it is a rustic backcountry campsite with no amenities.

Cute campground close to home

Steep but short hike, but hey, it's close to town! A 15 minute drive from downtown Bellingham and you get yourself a secluded, quiet lake.

Pone Lake is prettier and has fun boardwalks to explore, but the campsites at Cedar Lake are better (bigger and flatter). Log benches mark the campsites as well as the remnants of past fires, but please mind fire bans, and don't forage!

No toilets, but pets allowed. Bring bug spray! Swimming is possible if you don't harm any shoteplants on your way in.

Fun, easy campground!

This campsite is cute, fun, and easy to access. Great tidepoooling available for all ages, with incredible views of the sunset and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Kkinda buggy, and lots of raccoons. Good parking though, and big, secluded sites available. Restrooms and coin-operated showers were clean and pleasant.

Clean, spacious campground for a group

Big, spacious area perfect for setting up tents! Sheltered under trees, Humes Ranch has the perfect amount of shade vs sun. A bear wire is set up for you to hang your food, and a stream nearby is perfect for filtering. Listen to the Elwha as you fall asleep.


If you're intrigued by the name, you'll be amazed by the view. Gothic Basin was the most incredible hike I have ever done, and made better by spending the night below the milky way.

Pros: nice one backpacks there, so you have all the room in the world, and privacy too. Incredible view. Ready access to glacial melt streams for filtering (and swimming 😉).

Cons: it is fairly hilly and it can be hard to find a flat place. It also gets very cold at night. Little protection from wind (though we had no issues).

Well maintained campsite, lacks wow factor

This campground has several good campsites with flat areas for tents. A bear wire is secure a couple hundred yards from the sites along with a food prep station. Overall the system is clean and organized. The outhouse is a pit toilet with full sidewalls and latched door. As with any outhouse, it does have its smells, though it was fairly clean and was not filled with bugs as I had expected.

View of the lake is okay, not not a 10/10. You're closer to the mouth of the inlet stream, however, where there is a dense patch of evergreens that somehow escaped the fire a dozen years ago. We saw several deer and lions here, along with a bull moose that came a little too close for comfort.

Ooverall, good clean site. But if you're travelling, there are other campgrounds in Glacier with more "wow" factor.

Cute, well protected campsite on the beach

We kayaker from Orcas to Sucia and spent the night at the Shallow Bay campsite on the southern beach. It was cute, tucked away in the trees. Incredible view of the water and the sunset, and secluded unlike the other bays which are favorites for the cruising crowd, meaning there were many moored and anchored boats.

Campsite was clean, flat, and spacious! A nice table was there along with a fire pit for convenience. Fairly buggy though - we got bit a few times!