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Love this place! The campgrounds are awesome and spacious! The bathrooms are close by, and always cleaned! Access to the beach is right there. There are a bunch of trails to go too! It's a perfect family spot :)


Amazing campground!! I have gone here with my family many times, and it has always been amazing. The bathrooms are kept clean daily! The camp sites are all very spacious, and most of them have access right to the beach. EVERYONE here is so respectful. I promise you wont have any annoying loud neighbors. Great spot!


You can either camp in your tent, a yurt, or RV! They have nicely kept bathrooms, and showers! There is a nice path that goes all around the park, with beach access right next to you! There are many hikes that are around the area, and it is not that far from town either. It is in a nice forest area!

Beautiful, AMAZING!

Worth seeing. Absolutely beautiful. There is so much history here it is nuts.


If it is during the weekend, FORGET IT! It gets so busy! It is very nice when you are able to camp here without it being packed. The camp spots do have a little bit of space between them, so that is nice. There are also a bunch of little pulls offs where you can camp before, and after fish creek. (For free!)


I ended up parking on the side of the road, and hiked in to the other side of the lake! There was a nice area that looked like someone had camped previously so I set up camp for the night there! There are many camp sites though, and they are all pretty nice, well kept, and all have bathrooms within a short walking distance. They are kind of close to one another, but everyone seemed pretty respectful. The road is actually pretty nice up there compared to most. There are also many hikes, and other lakes that are close by. Definitely hike on the PCT~


It was pretty busy, and the campsites were pretty close together..! I would recommend staying here for only a night just so you can do the entire 10 waterfall hike! The trails, and everything is maintained very very well. It is super clean! Everything is so lush, and beautiful though~


I had a perfect spot right by the lake! Nobody ended up staying in the sites near mine, which was kind of nice. Normally it tends to be on the busier side on the weekend. There are a lot of trails to hike on, and everything is kept pretty nice. The lake is absolutely beautiful in the morning. It becomes so still, and will reveal a perfect reflection of Mt.Hood. It really is a gorgeous place.


I have gone here every summer for the last 10 years! Olallie Lake is one of the most beautiful, and scenic spots around. You have a beautiful view of Mt.Jefferson, on a crystal clear lake. The road is pretty rough to get up here, but it is worth it! The campsite has many spacious spots, and is not too far from a restroom. All of the camp spots have access right on the water, with a nice picnic table, and fire pit! The stars are worth seeing. You will be AMAZED. You will see shooting stars guaranteed! There are many little lakes that you can hike to that are less than a mile away. You are not aloud to go swimming in Olallie Lake, but it is great for fishing, and taking your row boat/kayak out on!


I stayed in one of the dog friendly yurts that they offerend at Devils Lake, and had a great time. It is very nice, and well maintained. You can either set up a tent, stay in a yurt, or bring your camper. The campsite is not too far from town, and walkable distance to the beach. You also have a nice path back to your own lake! Not a lot of people crowd the lake either, so it is a lovely getaway!


The campground itself is not anything special. Little crater lake is located less than 1/4 mile away from the campground. It is absolutely beautiful, and there are plenty of places to go hiking around it. Timothy lake is located about 5 miles away.

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Amazing spot for hiking, and seeing some incredible views.