Gorgeous lake and great hikes!

Lewey Lake was such a great experience, I really can't wait to go back! Going to school in New York brings a lot of busyness because of the city, but it's always nice to escape on the weekends and go camping. I love doing my studying and homework in the outdoors, so funding good campsites are my favorite thing to do. I love doing research beforehand to find the best place to go. I like going places that have water and great hiking. This campground has both! The campground is located in the Adirondack Park and it is located on a lake- my favorite part! The lake is gorgeous and you can do a lot of different water activities. I brought my kayak and my friend brought her stand up paddle board. We spent all day on Saturday on the water soaking up the sun. We went in early July so the weather was perfect. We did go during the 4th of July weekend so it was pretty busy. You can also go boating on the lake, I believe there is a boat launch. I saw people fishing, and talked with someone who said they caught some lake trout! The following day we went hiking, and it was beautiful. We did the Sucker Brook Trail, and luckily we went early enough to beat the crowds. However, on the way down it was super busy! If you are doing this hike I would advise starting early so it's not so busy. The park also offers other great amenities like picnic tables and the best part is they have showers! These came in handy for us after we got done hiking! The restrooms and showers were very clean, which we appreciated. I can't wait to take another break from school and come here! I definitely will invite more of my friends next time!

Love the beach!!

My favorite part about Moffitt Beach Campground is the lake/beach that is nearby! Going to college in NY definitely has its perks because there truly are some really awesome camping spots-weird I know, but it is true! My girlfriends and I wanted to get away for the weekend (from studying and the busy city) so we decided to stay a few nights here. We really were looking for a place that was close to the water to we could kayak in the mornings and evenings. We research Moffitt Beach Campground and saw some pretty great reviews, so this was the choice we made. The lake that is nearby is beautiful and it is called Sacandage Lake. The campground is actually located within the Adirondack Park- there really are a lot of campgrounds/sites within this park because it is so large. Moffitt Beach is located on the central end of the Adirondack Park. My friends and I did a lot of water activities, mainly kayaking, but you can also go swimming, fishing, hiking, or have a BBQ/picnic at your campsite. Since we didn't stay here long, we didn't explore other activities-but we do plan on coming back to do some hiking. The campground itself is very clean and offers some pretty great amenities. They do have restrooms on site as well as showers-if you decide to stay more then just a night. They also have picnic tables and fire pits to cook on, and of course make smores. I did see that they had a boat launch, which is nice for getting your boat into the water easily. We really enjoyed our stay, although it was a pretty quick stay. Definitely bring your swimsuit, water activity supplies, stuff to make smores, and BUG SPRAY- there were a lot of mosquitos around our campfire at night, and there were also a lot of mosquitos near the water. Bug spray is definitely a must bring item!!! We also were told that some of the hikes in the area are beautiful, so that should be on your to-do list if you go-it is definitely on mine the next time I go!!!

Had so much fun-Can't wait to come back!

North-South Lake Campground was a blast. My family and I loved every second of it. We enjoyed some beautiful hikes- one that lead to a rock that they call "alligator rock" which obviously looked like an alligator. This same hike took us around some other pretty cool sites as well. It was really nice to get away from the busy city and come here to escape the busyness. North South Lake is located within the Catskill Forest Preserve and I was told that this is the largest campsite available. I believe them because we did get lost once we were in the park, trying to find our camping spot. I would recommend downloading or asking for a campground map before going so you know exactly where your campsite is. We also enjoyed the lakes that were located within the campground. We found 2 different lakes, but not sure if there are more. We also did some hiking (to Alligator Rock). One hike that I really enjoyed was Kaaterskill Falls- This was absolutely gorgeous and the views were amazing. We did some research prior to coming, and from this hike you are able to see 5 different states from the top of this hike. We went on a beautiful, clear day so we were able to see miles ahead of us. Other activities you can do are boat, fish, and swim at the beaches. This campground literally has everything you could want in a campground and more! I would recommend coming here, and would give this North-South Lake a 10/10, A+++

So much fun- A++++

I have stayed at a few Yogi Bear Campsites, and I have never been disappointed. My family actually came to visit me one summer when I was in college, and we decided to spend a few nights camping out since they were going to be staying a little over a week. We stayed here for two nights, and I honestly wish we could have stayed longer. It was so much fun, clean, and spacious. One thing my family always looks for when we go camping is that the campsites are a little spread out. We have stayed at some campsites where we literally feel like we are on top of our neighbors. I appreciated that there was room in between us and our neighbors. My family and I enjoyed the small waterpark, and we actually went on a small hike one of the mornings we were there. We found a little river about 5 miles from the campsite, so we were able to cool off and put our feet in the water. The only negative feedback I have about this campground is that the bathrooms were a bit dirty, and they ran out of paper towels- which really isn't a huge downfall for me but I know an unclean bathroom can bug some people. Just bring your hand sanitizer and maybe your own toilet paper :) Overall, I would rate this campsite an A++

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Relaxing-Good for your whole family!

Sears Bellows in New York is a lot of fun. It really does offer a lot of outdoor activities for you and your family. I have stayed at this campsite 1 time, and stayed 2 nights. This campground does offer tent sites as well as RV/trailer sites. When I went with my friends in college, we just stayed in the tent sites and really enjoyed it. The campground is very well kept and clean which I really liked. They do have quite a bit of garbage's to dump your trash in. One thing I really liked about this campground is that there was a river/pond close by (Bellows Pond). The first night I stayed here my friends and I rented some rowboats and went on the water. It was a lot of fun, and the price of the rowboat was pretty cheap. The next morning we got up and did some hiking. The trails were beautiful, and the flowers were in bloom. There were people who were also biking on these trails, which looked like so much fun! We also saw some people fishing in the pond- and it seemed like most people were catching. The people who stayed in the campsite next to us were cooking up some type of fish for their dinner that they caught that day. One thing to note is that there are not any electrical hook-ups, so if that is something you need you might now want to come stay here. I would love to come back here someday, but stay maybe a day or two longer to do more things- I would also bring my bike and fishing pole to do more outdoor activities. I would also advise to rent the rowboats because that was a lot of fun!

Definitely a place to visit!

Camp Gateway in Brooklyn New York is one of my favorite places to visit. I went to college in New York, and loved to get out of the busy city and go camping and be outdoors. Camp Gateway was always a place that I loved to go. It is pretty close to town-which is crazy because you feel like you are miles away. Camp Gateway does offer a lot of different activities for everyone. One thing I love to do is go kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. My girlfriends and I tried to do this once a month to get away from the city and school. Because you are so close to the city, you can plan outdoor activities as well as some activities in the city. My friends and I stayed 1 night in the campground, and the next day went to a recital show that took us 10 minutes to get to. You can also walk, hike or ride your bike along multiple paths- I have done the Fort Tilden trail (I just walked, but there were multiple people that passed us on their bikes). Within the campground they do have some fire pits- which my friends and I always use because we love cooking smores and hot dogs for dinner. A little further away from the campground, about 10-15 miles there is a place where you can do horseback riding, see the Statue of Liberty (which is gorgeous!), and there is a little beach area. This beach area is where I do my kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Again, its not very far away…you can either drive there, walk or ride your bike. The road is paved, which is nice. I stayed here also with my parents, and I know my dad went golfing one day (I didn't go, but he said it was awesome)- and again that was only a 10 minute drive from our camping spot. This campground like I said, does offer quite a bit. Sometimes it doesn't really feel like you are "camping" because things are pretty close by, but it definitely is worth going to and trying.