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Pilot Knoll Park, Lake Lewisville

This just may become our home away from home. I absolutely love this little park. We stayed in spot#5 right at the end of the cove. Calm water, large lot land area and clean, easy access to walk right into the lake to swim, and space to dock your boat make the cove side of the park an excellent score. Each lot has large raised gravel areas set up in place outside the camper doorway. I love this feature because it provides a mud free immediate campsite area. As we walked the perimeter of the park while feeding the ducks and noticed that most all of the spots are great. On the other side of the cove, the lots are not quite as big, but the water is right outside your front door! The temperature difference is quite noticeable the closer you are to the breeze coming off the water. There is plenty of trees to provide shade, but not so many to block your view of the water. The only outside lots without direct access to the water are 54, 56, and 57. There is also a small playground with slides and climbing structures across from the restrooms(lots 22-23). My youngest was super excited to see a little library set up at the playground. We chose Star Wars readers.

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Swamp Haven

When we called to make our reservation there was only one spot left and it was at the Mill Pond camping area. I was a little hesitant because this area is water hook up only. However, it is the only camping area in the park with water view. So, we sprung for a generator and reserved the spot. On arrival, we were surprised to find that there were plenty of open spots even after being told several times there were not. My assumption was that this had to do with Covid 19 and limited capacity regulations. Nevertheless, the Mill Pond camping area is the way to go. Easy access to the pond and breathtaking views made this my favorite camping location so far. It also could have been the swampy nature reviving my Louisiana roots. Other pros to Caddo State Lake park were the very long scenic hiking trails that included beautiful rock stairs, canoeing through the pond out into the bay, adorable cabins, and wildlife. We spotted a deer, paddle fish, and a baby gator! About four miles from the park is a National Wildlife Refuge with walking trails and auto-tour route. There are several canoe trails on Caddo Lake. I strongly suggest putting in at Crip's Camp to explore the"Old Folks Playground" paddle trail for some very unique scenery.

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Quaint RV Park with Excellent Amenities

It is a cute little place ran by a sweet, laid back couple, Doug and Mary Jo. This park has many more amenities than we have had lakeside camping. They have a pool with games for the kids, laundry room, a catch and release fishing pond, and a nice clubhouse equipped with a full kitchen, shower, pool table, games and puzzles.

Two miles from this camping spot lies King Fisher Beach. This bayside beach is a perfect beach for little kids. We went a couple hundred yards out and were never over waist deep in water. The water is very calm (most of the time) and the beach has plenty of sand. Beach and water are both soft on the feet, no sharp rocks or debris. We collected seashells, admired crabs in elaborate shells, and even saw a stingray!

Other area places to visit:

The Boggie

Froggies Bait Dock

Boat trip to Matagorda Island

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Small Campground with few amenities

The park overall was a small one. Our spot was a nice lake front area that was very spacious and a beautiful view.  There is no playground that we could find, even though I read online that they had one. The bike trails were pretty short. Plenty of ducks to feed, but they were not interested or just didn’t like the boat. To our surprise, there was also plenty of snakes! We crossed one on the road as we drove in and saw several swimming in the lake. See our full #ChampagneOnDeck trip highlights at

Everything for a great, quiet family getaway

This was our first destination with our travel trailer. Despite the rain and the fact that we camped in the wrong spot (whoops), we had a great time. The spot we took had double parking, so our camper opened up to pavement. There was a fire pit, a covered picnic table area, and plenty of open space for the kids to play. Due to Covid 19, many areas were closed. No day campers allowed and the closed beach and playground left the area quiet and crowd free, just what one would be looking for during a global pandemic. The park administration was kind and helpful. They let us stay in our spot even though we accidentally set up in the wrong one. (newbies). The park has hiking trails, a playground, and beach area. Go to for our #ChampagneOnDeck trip highlights