Mishawn M.
Minot, ND
Joined May 2018
Loved it!

Many campsites, surrounded by trees. Stayed for two nights and didn’t even see everything at the park. Brought kayaks Into the pond/ lakes in the gardens. Wish we had brought bikes. They had hiking trails but didn’t get to do them. Wish I was still there!!! Site 24 could probably fit at least 5 tents but our camp site would have only fit three maybe

Confused but good

We had paid for the campsite before we got there, and when we got there, there was no camp host and absolutely no one at the campground. We were confused because across the lake we could see at least 10 tents set up. I also thought $26 was a little steep to stay the night.

The camp ground had many trees though, which i love. And it was very close to the boat ramp, we liked the camp ground, but i imagine if the campground were full that it would be very crowded. Also it had recently rained and the campsites down hill (closest to the lake) had puddles of water.