Michele M.
Las vegas , NV
Joined November 2018

8 mile is just like Government Wash. Free boondocking with a 7 day limit. There is a dumpster at the front but no bathroom or other facilities. Hike out what you hike in. You could tent camp here or any size RV so long as you find a level spot to park.

Coyotes are very present so I personally wouldn't tent camp anywhere here but I saw several people with no problems tent camping.

There is a no break law in effect but some people still seem to leave broken glass around so be mindful. The water is close. I didn't go far enough to see of this road leads to the water. The road is very rough so I parked as soon as I was able in a class B. There were some fast trucks coming in and out as it was the weekend and the weather was perfect.

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Google says this place closed in 2012. I tried to click on the website and got a 404 response.