Michael V.


New Bedford, MA

Joined March 2020

Was excited, not very impressed, left early (never done before)

This review was for last year (July 2019)  I ended up renting 3 sites with family.  VERY VERY nicely redone camp.  Looks amazing.  Although the swimming area (which was just opened the week prior) looked okay if you can picture a beach area (nice) but seems like it was a regular pond where they just dumped sand? So as you walk roots and debris are still under the very shallow sand.  So we only went out about waist deep.  The facilities were very nice but the staff was VERY overbearing and a bit rude.  Parking is a huge issue with them as well.  We had three sites all next to each other, (so we could have 6 cars) we only had three but while setting up we have three cars on one site (during setup)  they came by and threatened to fine us.  I told them we had all three sites and they would be moved, they really didn't care. (a bit of an ego situation)  Overall we left early because of the swimming situation and the staff.  I've never written such a negative report before… too bad, has the potential to be a great spot.

Smaller but nice campground.

Nice little campground. Very home like campground. Wish it had a pound to seeing in but it does have a small stream that runs doing a good amount of the sites so you can wake up to a nice sound of trickling water. Rent sure and camper sites available. Very small kids playground but nice.