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Off the Beaten Path....Kind of.

We really enjoyed this site. It was pretty close to the summit of My. Avery, so please be aware you are getting to the thin sections of tree line. There are a few nice and sturdy platforms here which are quite nice. I would definitely recommend tying your tent down, however. There was a TON of wind up here and it was relentless. Any significant period of absence and our tent would have been in the trees, had we not tied it down. There were a few water sources around. One on the outer edges of the tent sites, though this was did not have much when we were there. There was a better one that was directly on the Appalachian trail headed towards Avery. We felt as though there wasn't many people camping especially being right off the AT. However, the next morning when we were hiking out we passed out section not far from us with probably 20 tents strewn along the trail. Not sure if they just didn't know this sit existed? Either way, we've hiked a ton, and for long periods of time it still bugs me that people just tent wherever they feel like it, especially directly on a trail!

Overall this site was fantastic. Great location on a great loop through the Bigelows. Good water sources and great platforms. Would definitely recommend for anyone doing a loop through here. Or for someone passing through on the AT.

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Everything's bigger in Texas

What a fantastic campsite. We went here for my best man's bachelor party and it was exactly what we wanted. Vermont unfortunately shuts down most of their campsites from April 15th until memorial day to clean and get things in order. The problem is it leaves almost zero places to stay. We found this from a friend that had been here before, there was not much information on it elsewhere. When you drive in the park there is a map to show you where the sites are on the forest roads. I HIGHLY recommend that you look at this map because without it you may be wandering forest roads until the sun comes up. They say there are only a few sites here but that is only partially correct. The site we stayed at (207) had at least 5 fire pits strewn about a field and probably 20 suitable sits for tents, though it might get a little crowded with a group that size.

Restrooms: there were no drop toilets, restrooms, etc. Just clean old mother nature.

Amenities: there was the map at the beginning of the park, also several stone fire pits at all locations.

Proximity to activities: from the field we stayed in you could see the long trail on the ridge. Besides that there is a ton more hiking in the area. There is also great mountain biking and even better breweries around.

Overall this was one of the best campsites I have been in. I will say we passed some more less desirable sites in this park so not all of them were perfect. But not often can you camp in a field and have a great view, at least in New England. Most things are tucked in the trees so this was a fantastic surprise.

P.S. - there are two headstones on the edge of the woods near the site. It appears that this was there favorite place to camp so I think it was a good sign. We poured some beer out for them just for good luck, I think it worked.

White ledge campground

We ended up here as a last resort before having to turn home. After getting a late start to our hike we didn't pull into our first campsite choice until 630. On a July saturday evening in the New Hampshire White Mountains, not a good thing. All 5 campgrounds on the kancamangus were full and we had to resort to White Ledge, about 6 miles past the kancamangus. Luckily there were a few sites left, and for good reason. The sites were decent enough and the facilities clean. However the proximity to the busy road was unfortunate. We could here cars the entire night which was a little annoying. Overall if you need to camp in a pinch because everything is busy it's not a bad option, just not the best.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Review.

On the upside I got to try this awesome lantern that I won from TheDyrt last month! This lantern is perfect for car camping - a little too bulky for backpacking. Firstly, it seemed to hold a good charge throughout the entire time. It was also extremely bright and lite up the entire site for us. It had an option for a directional light which was good because we got there late and we're trying not to bug the site next to us. It was not as bright on the directional setting (kinda obvious) but still did the trick. It feels like it is going to be quite rugged and I love the stand it has on it. The ability to charge something with it is awesome, and to crank it if you lost a charge. Very interested to try both of these options in the future. The one thing I was disappointed with is there is no clip I could find to hang it from the tent. You can clip on the stand but it hangs lopsided, not a deal breaker by any means. Overall this is a great lantern and would definitely recommend it! Thanks Dyrt!

Lane tent site

Had an amazing stay at the Lane tent site in mid July. This site is roughly 13 miles from the puzzle mountain parking lot or 8 miles from the old speck parking lot. While there are no fees to stay here there are fees to oark a car at the lot, 3 dollars a day. The site offers at least 8 good flat spots to pitch a tent and they are scattered around to stay secluded from others. There is a gorgeous river just a minutes walk with a few nice waterfalls, great places for a morning cup of coffee. There is a vault style toilet with clippers and a saw behind it to help clear the trail if needed. The river offers a fantastic fill spot. Overall just a fantastic place to stay on the grafton loop trail, definitely one of my favorites.

Sargent Brook Backcountry Site

We stayed here when we were backpacking the east side of the Grafton Loop Trail last October. The GLT is a 38.6 mile loop that summits 7 different mountains in western Maine. The east side is 17.1 miles and summits Old Speck, Sunday River Whitecap, Stowe and Bald Mountain. The site offers amble space to put a tent and it also has a self composting toilet which is a nice touch deep in the woods. There is a bear box available for use that is shared between the site. There were approximately 3 streams within a half mile that can be used for water collection. There is a beautiful view of Sunday River ski area from the site in the morning. This was a perfect little backcountry sites and looks like in the summer time it could be a cool little community if the site was at capacity.

Jenny Lake

Visited this campground after staying in Yellowstone National Park. This campground offers 49 tent sites and then 10 other sites reserved for hikers and bicyclists, which is awesome - there is nothing worse than hiking or biking for hours only to find all the sites full! You couldn't ask for a better setting than this campground, right on Jenny Lake at the base of the Tetons. Each site offers full bear boxes and I would highly recommend them as bear traffic in this region is high. There is a ton of fishing, hiking, climbing, and biking available right from here. There is a gorgeous paved trail for biking that brings you through some amazing areas. There is also a hiking trail that goes around all of Jenny Lake, or you can take a ferry that brings you rigjt across, I forget the price however. The campground offers basic ammentities such as clean toilets and fresh water. There is also a store near by in the visitors setting offering basic provisions. This is definitely a must visit for anyone that plans on camping in this region, by far my favorite.

Covered Bridge

We visited this with our dog Oakley for his first time camping last fall. It was nice and quite because of the time of year and was perfect because we didn't know how he was going to do. He absolutely loved it and there was plenty of space in the tent site for him to roam around. This campground is one of the first campgrounds on the kancamangus which makes it extremely accessible for most. The site offers basic ammentities such as clean toilets. The swift river is in walking distance and offers a great place to relax after a long day in the New Hampshire woods. All in all it is a great local site like most run by the White Mountain Forest Service.

Meadow Park - Lyons

We stayed here for the Lyons Outdoor Games as it was just a short walk away. The games were fantastic they had running races, biking, kayaking, beer, food, music, everything you could think of. The site was in a large field so there was really no privacy, though there were some sites in the trees. Basic ammentities available and we'll kept sites, just felt like we were in the middle of a baseball field. I'd definitely recommend it if you're staying for the games but don't see much point outside of that.

Grand Canyon Koa

We stayed here after we visited Zion National Park. This was the closest campground to the park that had spots available. It was definitely further than one would imagine considering it is called the Grand Canyon Koa. The facility had lots of amenities, pool, showers, movies, restaurant, etc. However the sites were WAY to close together offering zero privacy and really making you feel cramped. The people were accommodating and the facilities well kept but I will definitely be searching for a more secluded location next time. Great if you have kids and want to have all kinds of this to keep them busy.

Horsethief Lake Campground

We visited Horsethief Lake Campground after seeing Mt. Rushmore on an extended road trip back to Maine. It was a beautiful spot overlooking a little lake, set back from the main road. The star gazing above the lake is incredible, no light pollution to be found. It's the closest campground to Mt Rushmore and only has about 40 sites. Because of this I would recommend getting there as early as possible. The price ($24?) was very reasonable and there were basic ammentities such as a toilet and fresh water. Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a basic tent site in close proximity to Mt Rushmore.

Barnes Field Campground

We stayed here before we hiked nearby Mt. Madison. There are not a lot of sites and can be pretty full in the summer time so make sure to get there early. The sites are clean and well kept, there is a vault toilet and hand pumped water on site. It is a dog friendly facility and when we were there many sites had dogs. It is open in the winter as a first come self served facility but is down a road that is not always open or plowed. All in all its a great little site to use as a camp before or after you hike any of the presidentials that are in the area.

Norris Campground

We stayed at this campground after staying at the Canyon Campground the night before, and this was WAY better. Though it was a large campground, offering over 100 sites, it still had some peace and quiet. It was centrally located to a slew of different sites, though no matter where you stay in Yellowstone it can take some time to get to places. You also need to always assume things are going to take 30 minutes longer in case you run into a herd of bison (happened to use 3 times). The bathrooms were clean and offered cleaning stations for dishes and such which was nice. There was a field right at the front that offered great views of bison herds each day which was nice. Definitely would stay here again!

Lewis Lake Campground

This was a beautiful, quite, and secluded campground on the south edge of Yellowstone. It is a perfect base camp if you have already seen the north side of the park and are looking for someplace to stay while you explore the south side. The sites were clean and well kept and the bathrooms in fair condition. This was my favorite out of the 3 campgrounds we stayed in at YNP mainly because of how much quieter it was than the other spots we were at. I would definitely recommend Lewis Lake for anyone looking to explore the south side of the park.

Watchman Campground

We stayed at this park on a road trip back to Maine. We visited towards the end of June much during an extremely dry spell and due to that couldn't have any wood burning fires. No fault of the park whatsoever but definitely put a wrench in the plans, attempting to cook for several days on one small micro backpacking stove. The campground itself was well kept and despite the amount of sites they have it still felt like you had your own private space. There was a deer that was snacking about 30 feet from our site which was pretty cool. It was close to all of the main attractions - Angels Landing was only a short shuttle away and the shuttle stop was just a minutes walk from the campsite. I would rather stay at Lava Point next time just because it is out of the way and much more secluded, however with only 6 primitive sites it is difficult to get a spot in the summer time. So if that is when you find yourself here I would definitely recommend the Watchman Campground.

Bridger Bay Campground (Antelope Island)

I camped here on the way back to Maine on an extensive road trip. There is a fee to get over the bridge to the island and the bridge does close daily at 10pm so be aware of that. I stayed at the Bridger Bay campground which had unbelievable views of the great salt lake. The one thing that was unfortunate was the brine flies that were in abundance everywhere. They are small tiny flies that really don't bother you much but cover EVERYTHING, your tent, your car, your chair, everything. The sites are not very secluded but given the terrain on the island there is not much you can do about that. Other than those things, the setting is incredible, the sunset unbelievable, and the free roaming buffalo, amazing. I would definitely stay here again, just possibly at a different time of year or with a lot of bug spray.

Hancock Campground

We stayed here after hiking mt. Lincoln, Lafayette, and little haystack earlier in the day. I was concerned at first, 5 pm on a summer Saturday night we didn't think much would be available. They had plenty of spots to choose from and they were all freshly raked and clean. The privacy isn't terrible but it certainly isn't ideal, typical for the area however. Not sure if they have redone the bathrooms since the previous poster but they were extremely clean and had brand new fixtures. The host was nice and accommodating, he even collected the money directly from our site so we didn't have to walk back to the front which was quite nice after a long hike. The best part is the river that was just a 1 minute walk from our tent site. It was a little hangout spot for a lot of the campers, relaxing and letting their dogs run after a beautiful day in the nh woods. I would definitely recommend this site for anyone hiking in the area.