Michael G.
Bay Shore, NY
Joined July 2018
Best Small Camping in Catskills

KENNETH was a smaller campground that felt perfect for us. Private sites (not all, but many), clean bathrooms & showers and very friendly staff. There is no swimming currently on the lakes, but you can rent canoes/kayaks to fish or paddle around. The views from the day-use area is fantastic. We camped there for 4 nights a few weeks ago and we enjoyed all aspects.

Inside the park are four very easy hiking trails all around 1 mile in length. All of them were pleasant trips, especially the nature trail and blue trail. As you walk along the trails you constantly see or pass over the old rock walls that can be found throughout the Catskills.

Weekdays, the park was at a low capacity, weekends definitely picked up, but it was still very quiet and never loud beyond 10pm. Great place to visit and we shall definitely return.

Small, quiet, private

We recently stayed five nights here and although it wasn’t the best campground for us (lack of sites on the water, which we were aware of), this was a very pleasant experience. The deer flies were horrible everywhere but in our site. The bathrooms were always clean, the showers were always clean and the campground as a whole was ALWAYS CLEAN. We spent a day on the ponds (Putnam & North Pond are connected) and it is beautiful. The water is cool, clean and beautiful. If you are into roughing it, the remote sites are worth a stay, especially the one on the island (I think it’s R5). Running through the campground are several hiking trails and they are worth it. Heart pond and Bear pond were nice, but unspectacular. Rock pond on the other hand was great. Take the yellow trail through the sites to the Rock pond lean-to. Along the pond there are great views and potential swimming locations. Take the red trail around and you will come across the old graphite mine, which was cool to look at it’s remnants. If you bring along a strong flashlight, you may be able to go in the shaft a bit. We did not, due to only having a cell phone for light. You can follow the red trail around Rock pond, where it will connect back to the yellow trail and back to the campground. The red trail is a more challenging way back, but should have spectacular access to parts of Rock pond. There were several other trails as well, but due to the weather I could not hike them.

Overall, this is an excellent campground for hiking and a great, peaceful stay. The ponds are beautiful and if you bring your own boats, you don’t have to pay the $20 rental and can spend your days on the ponds.

Campground staff was friendly and always available. Enjoy your stay!

Fantastic camping

Great campground with a top notch staff and great facilities. My wife and I just spent 7 days here and we can't wait to return. The campground is small, clean and quiet. The lake is beautiful. There are 2 trail heads located in the campground that offer more trails as you go. Neither was very difficult and the end result was worth the hike. The shower facilities were brand new and always clean as were the bathrooms throughout the entire campground. The garbage and recycling facility is quite serious and is better than my town offers.

Busy due to day use

What could be a great campground only gets three stars due to the amount of day use people and condition they left the main bathroom and showers. They were not too clean, especially the women’s bathroom and showers. The sites are clean and decent size. Very peaceful at night.

Good park close to home

This is not our ideal campground. We usually like to be far from people with minimal neighbors, but living on L I, your options are limited. That said, the sites close to water are nice. They offer more to see and feel a little more like camping. There are sites with electric, water but those fill up fast.

You are a short walk from beach access and kayak launch. There is a playground for kids and clean facilities. I enjoy going here as it is easy for a quick weekend.

Great place to camp

The island sites are the best and most private. The main area is good if you want to go with several groups. These sites are closer and more open. Overall a beautiful and clean park that is located within 20min of good hiking. Facilities are clean and well maintained.

Camper side review

Stayed here for two nights with my popup and was surrounded by large motor homes/RVs. sites had zero privacy and were all pull through. There was water, electric and sewer hookups at each site, but this was an expensive place to ‘camp’. Bathrooms and showers were not really clean, which was surprising because most people used their personal bathroom/shower in their RV. It is close to the beach, but a very small and rocky beach. Overall, I don’t think this was the best place for us.

Small, quiet campground

Woodland valley was a smaller, remote campground. It seemed to be used mostly by hikers who weren’t staying long. Most sites were on the smaller side and about half were fairly private. facilities were clean and in good working order. Great access to the river and hiking trails.

Good clean campground

We just spent six days at site 31 and we really enjoyed our stay. The bathrooms were cleaned two times a day and the park is so well maintained. The sites were a little close and not very private, but if you go during the weekdays, as we did, this won’t be an issue. Weekends the park gets busy as can get a bit loud. The lower sites near the river are good sized and he river ambiance is nice. Biggest negative would be only two showers for the whole campground. 

The staff was great. Very friendly and helpful. Will be visiting again.