Mic R.


Garland, TX

Joined February 2020


Good lake park.

This is a nice little park for swimming doing a little tubing, not a hiking park, there’s a trail that’s about a mile and change long. It’s a big lake so if you have a boat you will truly enjoy it. I did not. So swimming and tubing is all I did in the water.The 2011 fire it’s not evident anymore, so it’s a great time to go. June 27 to July 3. 2020

My favorite park

This was my favorite park traveling through Texas. The canyons are beautiful ,the hiking trails are extremely good, you could mountain bike also. Easy to take good pictures over here, OK it’s hot but for sure I will be coming back here.Great RV sited. June 24 to 27. 2020

Short stay

We just stayed one day in this place, pretty nice, we could see the lake from the window of our RV, had a nice little trail behind our campsite, but we could not explore like we like . But I would go back there again for a few days if I have a chance. June 23 to 24. 2020

Hot Hot Hot

San Angelo good place for mountain biking, decent trails, it was so hot, that it brought some very bad thunderstorms, had some hail damage at this location, would like to be back here, but with a Mountain bike, at a cooler time of the year. 20 to 23. June 2020

Great hiking park

This Is a very nice park, little river a lot of hiking trail, some climbing, some flat trail, you are hidden in between mountains, once you hike to the top you will get an AT&T Signal, not a lot of RV sites, small park. June 17 to June 20 2020

Nice little river.

I Really liked this little river, if you have your own tubes you could go down the river, it’s not too long but people say it takes 45 minutes to an hour, obviously depending on if the water level.

I really like this place

inks lake state park . I have to admit this Time of the year 6/15/2020 it’s hot over here, but it’s one of the most fun looking lakes, you could go swimming jumping off cliffs , kayaking ,boating , hiking, or you can get in a tube and watch everybody jump off the Clift. $23 night. AT&T 2-3 bars . T-mobil 0 bars better reserve, I was able to only get one day.

Nice lake

Nice park , long drive after entering the park 2 to 3 miles to the campsite. Good for cycling.Hiking was a nice shady walk good tree cover , but not enough clearing to see some locations on the lake, there’s some man-made paths but check your legs for ticks when you come out of those. Overall a nice park, no AT&T or T-Mobile connection, except if you go to the boat ramp top of the hill you’ll get a signal there.6/14/2020. $20 one night. AT&T no bars --T-Mobil no bars.

Good park

This park seems to be a good fit for boaters and Fishermans , not the best hiking trails but there still there, little hike on the island ,is OK, and the other trails I went on did not look like they’ve been used a lot, but again the parks are just re-opening. The RV is well shaded the toilets and showers are Nice and clean. Nice two way drive-through dumpsite. Price with the Texas park pass for one night. $13 . AT&T 2-3 bars

Beautiful trees

Unique lake ,Beautiful trees all in it.I had a electric and water site, was very nice .on site 36 I was close to a pretty new bathroom they were clean. With a Texas state park pass ,it was $15 a night. AT&T 0-1 bar

Had all i needed.

Great little park with full hookups ,nice hiking trails.