Merc + Brad D.

Redmond, WA

Joined August 2017

We're outdoorsy enginerds with dogs and dualsports. Really appreciate all the pics + reviews from other campers!

awesome kokanee fishing at deep lake!

the campground was nice and tidy, but you're basically sleeping on hard ground littered with a bunch of rocks and little prickly balls (that fell off trees). those little prickly things pierced through my flip flops which was not fun. the wind was brutal and nearly blew away half of our party's tents. the ground is super dry which made getting tent stakes in very challenging. we used our vehicles to try to shield our site from the wind. you are better off renting a cabin or bring your RV! despite all that i actually liked our camping experience since there was so much to see and do. you could go try and golf but the gusts were super strong so i think it would be pointless. banks lake is super close by with a bunch of primitive fee-free boat launches. just don't forget your discovery pass! the fishing at deep lake was phenomenal! fresh caught kokanee pan fried in butter! yum! dry falls are a quick drive up the road and you could even go see grand coulee damn if you wanted to. would i tent camp here again? probably not. would i come back and rent a cabin or van camp? most definitely! would i bring the dogs? not unless they raked up all those prickly things off of the ground. i think it would be complete torture for them.

cute woodsy getaway super close to the city!

told macdonald is super cute park and campground! they offer the typical primitive campsites with fire pits and picnic tables, as well as yurts and shipping container conversions for those who want more of a "GLAMping" outdoor experience. the campground, park and trails are very well maintained and they even provide you with garden carts to help you get your stuff across the bridge. great spot for steelhead + salmon fishing. we've fished steelhead and pinks out of the snoqualmie river in the past. it's located right smack in the middle of carnation so on a nice sunny day you could walk out of the park to get pizza, ice cream or even mexican food. the suspension bridge is pretty cool, but hold onto your phones tight because it could slip through the holes into the river below. i would rate this place as 4-5 star park / 3-4 star camping since it's not even close to roughing it. those bucolic woods are our backyard.

Smaller sites but more privacy!

Nice, clean, smaller campsites with plenty of privacy between you and your neighbors. No shower. There's a toilet right smack in the middle of the campground loop. Only a couple waterfront sites so reserve online or come early.

lakeside sites with awesome views of steamboat rock!

super awesome, primitive, secluded campground with plenty of buffer between sites. great for group camping. the toilet (sheltered hole in the ground) is pretty far down the gravel road. there is no shower. the mosquitos are hungry so come prepared. oh and watch out for snakes!

nothing like a shower after hoursss of riding in the hot hot heat!

setup camp at the koa which was right on to the yakima river. fired up our little msr whisperlite gasoline stove and had beef stroganoff then hit the showers. we always ride with full (safety) gear on, even when it's 100° out so nothing beats a nice clean shower facility! sites were nice and tidy. very little buffer in between sites, but if you come on a weekday like we did you'll have the entire campground all to yourselves.

Too close for comfort

The Twanoh campground was super busy when we went. There is zero buffer between you and the other campers so pray you don't have neighbors with screaming, unruly kids or aggressive off-leash dogs. It was an ok place to crash. Also, we found that Hood Canal is not a good place for fishing/crabbing. The crab we did manage to catch were too small to keep and the algae is so thick it's suffocating all the fish.

Super cute little town!

Super cute little town! All the locals rode their ATVs/ORVs around town like cars. The site we scored was able to accommodate 6 riders. Nice clean campground. There was a little house close to our camp and the owners offered to let us use their spigots if we watered their plants for them. There were cute finds in the ranger station. Deer would cruise through the park unafraid of people. We have ATT and did not have cell signal. You had to ride up to the cemetery up the road if you wanted to get cell phone service.


Hit Entiat on a detour during our WABDR ride. The campground was ultra modern and super clean. You're basically sleeping in a sandbox in a park lawn. There were only a handful of other campers when we were there so we were happy with the accommodations.

Lots of waterfront sites to choose from!

Lots of waterfront sites to choose from with a decent amount of buffer between sites. Had our pick of sites of the various loops when we arrived Friday afternoon in late summer, but went with a recommendation from a Dyrt review and picked site 53 (West Loop) for waterfront access. Campground traffic picked up Friday evening and the remaining waterfront sites filled up by Saturday. We allowed our dogs to check out and play in the creek (leashed), but they were in and out in less than 5 minutes. The creek rocks are big and slippery with lots of little crevices for their paws to slip into. No wildlife encounters other than frogs and chipmunks. Next time we will probably stay at a site that overlooks the creek instead of being right on the creek. PS: Camp hosts said no tying to trees. Leave your tree-tie hammocks at home.

Beautiful waterfront sites, but LOADS of trash!

Stopped to check out Goose Creek Campground which was pretty much empty when we got there, but had loads of trash left behind by previous campers. The waterfront sites were awesome and you had your pick between tent sites right at the creek's edge or some more spacious sites that could accommodate RVs and trailers up higher overlooking the water. IMO the creekside sites are the better ones if you can score them since passing cars would kick up the fine dust in the dirt lot RV/trailer sites.

Nice clean campsite

The campsite was nice and clean when we went to check it out. It's in the woods, with plenty of room between sites, but is wide open so if it was full you may not get as much privacy as with other sites further down the road.

Really nice waterfront sites!

Riverbend had only a couple of really nice waterfront sites with lovely landscape views. The rest of the campsites were ok and were nice and clean, but the toilet is far (by the water) if you decide to stay in one of the mountain view sites up front. I'm guessing you have to get there super early to get the good spots for unreservable 'first come first serve' times of year.

Adjacent to Chiwawa River Road...

Nice, clean campsite right off of Chiwawa River Road at the base of Basalt Ridge Trailhead access point. The road maybe had 3 cars total traveling on it the day we went to check it out so very light traffic, but I'm guessing heavier traffic during peak summer months might kick up a lot of dirt, which would be no fun.

The Cove is our little gem!

Great little place to camp at if you just want to get away and get your fish on! They also have cabins for rent, but we've never gotten around to trying those out. The campground is fairly well maintained with a decent buffer zone between sites, so your neighbor isn't all up in your business like with most WA state run campgrounds. There are toilets, showers and a well stocked general store if you forgot anything. I mean anything! From danishes, to paper towels, to fishing poles and licenses. You can launch your own boat, rent a boat or fish off their dock (small admission fee) and are almost guaranteed to catch something.The trout are always hungry! They even have a fish cleaning station if you decide to keep your catch. Oh and there are semi-friendly resident raccoons. I wouldn't recommend petting them, but they are very photogenic and may pay you a visit so lock up your camp kitchen stuff!

Gorgeous beach! Holy screaming kids AAAHHHH!

We wanted a relaxing pre-Labor Day get away so we booked a tent campsite for the weekend at Twin Harbors. The campground was well kept and the restrooms/showers were nice and clean. The rangers emphasized no off-leash when we checked-in so we did not encounter dogs free roaming around the campsite, but it was an off-leash free for all at the beach. We unfortunately were surrounded by people with small children that ran around the campground climbing and shaking the trees, riding and falling off their bikes/scooters, screaming and crying a whole bunch for what seemed like no reason --- you know, doing what kids do. The campsites are stacked right on top of each other so there is zero buffer zone between you and your neighbors. So much for quiet, relaxing getaway. Luckily, the well maintained trails and the gorgeous empty long stretch of beach made up for all the chaos at the campground. Wake up early and you'll have the beach all to yourself! Also, bring dollar bills for the shower token machine. It does not take coins.