Melanie P.
Kingston , NY
Joined September 2019
Had a lovely visit

I loved the camp ground. Friendly and helpful staff, fun activities, beautiful pool. Everything was clean and worked. Lots to do in the area. Just one sour note at the campground: the noise. There was a lot of it. Worst was our neighbors who were unaware of the many children with them. The kids would step on our sewer hose. They were riding bikes on our hose. The entirety of the 2 families were still up at 2 am blaring music. The camp owners were great though. They came buy at 8 am and kicked them out. Had to wake them to do it, hehe…

We even honeymooned here with our daughter

It’s comfortable, has nice amenities and not terribly far from the shore. Our 5 year old daughter loved staying here. The camp staff was helpful in giving us some alone time. We’ve gone back 4 more times. I can’t give it the 5th star because it lacks character and privacy. I’m not sure what they could do to improve it either. It’s a campground on dry, flat, packed sand - but they have made the most of it.

My heaven on earth

This is the campground if you want to go beach camping. The natural mounds of sand and sea grass make for decent privacy. Depending on the spot you pick, the shore is a few steps away. You can drive to a small lot near the beach entrance if your lot is far away. The night sky is breathtaking. The beach is usually pretty quiet, more fishermen than anything else. If you want to disconnect and leave with salt still in your hair and lips, this is a great place for it.