Melissa R.

Tallahassee, FL

Joined July 2018

Surprisingly awesome park! Loved the tent sites, the cave tour, and hiking!

This was a small campground, and while initially unimpressive, we had a really great time here and there was surprisingly a lot to do and keep you busy.

When we first drove in to the "regular" part of the campground, I found it unappealing as it seemed more like a parking lot with a bunch of RV sites, but we were able to stay in the primitive camping "loop" and had SO much space and woods to run in, hills to climb, and space to explore. It was absolutely perfect for kids. There are only a few of these sites and while you can see them from each other, there is so much space between them that it feels more private. The sites were bordered by woods and hills which gave the kids lots to explore.

The pool was closed when we were there in April, but I believe they said it was closed indefinitely.

The cave tour are a real highlight of the park. The cave is fascinating and fun to tour too - lots of tight spaces and interesting formations. There is a bit of climbing (stairs) so if that's not your thing, you may want to think twice. We saw lots of super cute tiny bats but none of them ever bothered us.

There is also a cute playground for the little ones and a great hiking trail that was absolutely gorgeous.

Overall a surprisingly awesome park!

Beautiful campground but the real gem is the river!

We loved our campsite - it was wooded in almost all directions so we had a good amount of privacy, and it was plenty large enough for our gigantic tent (10x20) and still had room for the kiddos to run around. Each site also had a bear locker for food - which was helpful but also freaked us out a bit about the bears - apparently they are not rare here (which is fine with me since it was their home first). We did have some "young uns" next door who has some colorful language and loud music into the night but the rangers did shut down their little shin dig around midnight (even though quiet hours start at 10pm, not to be the old stick in the mud). The site had a paved parking area and then the rest of the site was dirt. There was no water which is always sort of a pain, but it was near the bathhouse which we found clean and adequate.

While we loved the campground, the real gem is the crystal clear blue spring and Juniper Run. We brought a canoe and a double kayak (for two adults and four kids) and absolutely loved the trip down the run - though I would definitely suggest a kayak over the canoe due to its increased maneuverability (but we only had one adult in the canoe so it may have been more doable with two adults). If you visit, you cannot miss a trip down the river, but if you're renting from their outfitters be sure to arrive early because the river gets busy on the weekends.

Lovely Campground on the Lake

This was such a lovely campground on the lake! Very quiet and peaceful. We have four kids and a large tent (10x20) so we paid for a "premium" site - not only to get a site big enough to fit our crew, but as an added bonus it was on the gorgeous lake (see photos)! While our site was fairly secluded, large, and shaded, we checked out the other sites and there were plenty that were packed in tightly or wouldn't have fit our tent, so definitely check the sites out online before booking. The staff at check-in were so sweet and helpful and we found the facilities clean and adequate.

Beautiful Campground - Lots to do - Needs Site Specific Reservations

What a gem! Just a short drive from Atlanta, this is a gorgeous park with great hiking trails and a beautiful lake for boating and swimming. My only complaint is with the reservation system - while you can make a camping reservation, you cannot reserve a specific site. We were coming from Florida, meeting a family from Nashville so neither of us could be there at check-in time (I was told there was a long line at check-in to get the best spots early - likely the lakefront sites). By the time we got there in the evening, we were told there were just a few sites together and likely not together. We got incredibly lucky and were able to find two fabulous sites together (sites 75 and 79) on a loop with lots of room for the kids to roam and play. While a lot of the sites in the campground didn't look like they would even fit our tent (it's giant at 10x20 - we have four kids), these two sites were a wonderful site for our family set-up. We loved hiking the trails and spent hours swimming in the lake. Overall a great experience aside from the stress of trying to find sites.