Melissa A.
Henderson, TN
Joined June 2018
Maple Loop #198,199,200

The Maple Loop is the outer most campground loop. It is a hike if you choose to walk to the GC shuttle stop. We chose to drive to the nearby market and catch the shuttle there. We reserved our energy for hikes around the rim. Firewood is available at the market for $7.49 (the highest price we’ve ever paid for firewood). Elk roamed the campground. Flush toilets are available and an outdoor sink is available to wash dishes. Camp sites are close together but the trees offer privacy from your neighbors. We kept our campsite tidy and the ravens were not s problem. $2 8- minute showers and a laundromat are available at camper services at the entrance to the campground.

Site 2/3

We were some of the few people that didn’t have an ATV at this campground. The sounds of the ATVs were not apparent while sleeping at the campground like I thought it would be. We rented sand sleds and enjoyed them on the dunes. The ATVs were rarely where we were on the dunes. Firewood and ice is available at the visitors center. There are ample showers available without having to wait in line. We chose this campground because of it’s close proximity to Zion NP and the amenities it offered out group of travelers.

Oasis Group Site

Our group of 15 loved the proximity of the campground to newly remodeled rainfall showers. There are paved sidewalks at the site and it was nice to locate the front doors of our tents along this sidewalk. There were ample picnic tables for our group to sit. There was a large grill and separate fire pit for our use. Firewood is available for $5. New laundry facilities was located a short drive from the campsite. We were able to start our laundry, return to our campsite and return to finish it without any worries ($2.50/load). We chose this campground because of it’s close proximity to Bryce NP and the amenities it offers.

Wooden Shoe Group Site

Vault toilets Water available

This very private group site is nestled in a rock formation outside the campgrounds. Park rangers had to help us locate it because it wasn’t on the park maps. Our group of 15 loved being away from other campers and our teenagers loved climbing/exploring the rock faces.

family of 5

We camped here with our family of 5 for 2 nights. It’s a very remote campground. Grocery stores and gas are about 20 minutes away and you have to go to Sault St. Marie for better choices. When we arrived, they were out of firewood to buy. The campground host, Gilly (Santa) helped us with firewood and made us feel very welcome. He had a community box of games that we could use during our stay. We used sand buckets and shovels to play with during or stay. He had solar lights by our site nunbers and checked on us numerous times. Our campsite #3 walked right out to the sandy beach of Lake Superior. There are no showers and only vault toilets that were kept as ckean as possible. Germ-x was available and a well water pump was located in the center of the camping loop. There were mosquitoes and they loved my son even with bug spray but they didn’t bother me. It was a BEAUTIFUL lake side campground.

family tent camping

We reserved site 83A for our family of 5. we were in close proximity to the newly constructed bathhouse complete with dish washing stations. it was a full campground on the Friday night that we were there. We waited a short time for our morning showers (5+1 handIcap). The showers were private, deadbolt locking individual showers with hot water. they automatically go off every five minutes and you press a button to get another 5 minutes. there were no cooking grates on the campfire rings but there is a lakeside community-use grill. They sold firewood at the entrance of the park. The Park is within minutes of the St. Ignace ferries to Mackinac Island. There is a Family Dollar store at the entrance of the park. This campsite had views of Lakes Huron, Michigan and the Mackinac Bridge. If you are traveling across the bridge, there is a $4 toll per 2-axle vehicle.

lakeside camping

We our family of 5 tent camped on site 155 & 157. The sites were right next to the bathrooms/showers/laundry. The bathrooms were very clean. The showers had 2 separate privacy shower curtains and a bench to put your things in the shower stall. It was 2.25 to wash clothes. There were 2 water fountains outside the bath house. The sites were very quiet and shaded. It was short driving distance to Niagara Falls and our NY state park pass got us free parking at Niagara Falls State Park during our stay. We watched the sun set on Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful place to stay!